A Non-Madden Game With NFL Players

Coaching/general manager simulator Quick Hit Football will have five active NFL players in the game, in addition to five coaches. But wait, doesn't EA have the exclusive rights to make NFL games locked up until 2013? Blend Games got ahold of Quick Hit founder Jeff Anderson, who explained it to us.

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BleuStreeks3792d ago

EA sucks I cant wait for that stupid agreement to end...Then 2k can come back and make a real football game... and the gamers wont get shafted anymore because they will have a choice in the matter and not be extorted.

EvilCackle3792d ago

I had heard that the NFL actually approached EA about exclusivity, not the other way around. Probably realized they could charge whatever they wanted for the license.

iceman063792d ago

Also, the collaboration with John Madden (one of the most revered personalities in all of football)didn't hurt the cause. The NFLPA was upset by the deal, because they didn't get the proper cut of the cash. However, the NFL is a cash cow as a they looked at which game had the longevity and credibility at the time. Unfortunately, they DIDN'T see which game was better. (again at the time)I don't know if 2k will EVER get back into the football business again...but I hope so. Not ONLY for their great take on football, but to push Madden to innovate past slight graphical tweaks and yearly gimmicks. Not a Madden hater, bought it this year, just a realist.

kunark3792d ago

dont get your hopes up! ea will just renew the agreement they dont like the compitention that way only madden can be number 1. look back to nfl2k5 if they was still in the hunt football games would be insane today

FragMnTagM3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I for one would have payed 49.99 for NFL 2K5 as it was a really good football game. It came out at 19.99 and was a steal at that price. Everyone who bought that game realized Madden was garbage and that is Why EA almost immediately dropped their price on Madden because they were being outdone for 30 dollars less.... To this day, you could not give me a copy of Madden.... Madden 10 looked like it had promise, but alas it is the same old sheit with a gimmick mode added on. They did polish it a little this year but it still isn't 'fun'. You can polish a turd all you want, but it is still a turd.

ChozenWoan3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Hence the reason I no longer play football sim games... arcady ones like blitz are my lifeline until the NFL wakes up and drops the EA exclusivity.