EA Says C&C3 is Possible on PS3 and Wii

Command and Conquer 3's senior producer talks about bringing EA's real-time strategy series to the PS3 and Wii in an interview with Gameplayer.

"We haven't officially confirmed anything, but I don't see why it's not feasible," Mike Glosecki said about a PS3 version of the game. "The controls are practically the same."

As for the Wii version of the game, "There isn't as much under the hood so it obviously won't look as good," Glosecki said. "But as far as control goes, I don't see why it can't be done."

EA has already been completed C&C3 for both the PC and Xbox 360. While other versions of the game are possible, we will not be seeing them quite some time.

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PS360WII4483d ago

If they put it on the Wii I would feel compeled to buy it just to see how it would control. While console RTS's are getting better thanks to the 360 I still like the PC conter part a wee bit better. Bring it to the Wii to see if it's as good as mouse & keyboard

kewlkat0074483d ago

As for the wii well I'm not sure about the power of the console, but the controls would be awesome.

Grown Folks Talk4483d ago

why couldn't they do it on either of the other 2? this time around, it will usually be more of a matter of want rather than can't.

PS360WII4483d ago

They said it would be feasible to put it on the PS3 seeing that the controls would be the same. As far as the Wii version they said that it's limited under the hood so it wouldn't look as good but there is no saying that it couldn't be done

tehcellownu4483d ago

you can use mouse and key board with PS3 so yes that gamee will be great for it.

Funky Town_TX4483d ago

I bet that game is possible on PS2. And it will look the same.

solidt124483d ago

"EA Says C&C3 is Possible on PS3 and Wii" its also possible that RTS games suck on consoles

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The story is too old to be commented.