Aion OBT Patch 1.5 Details

NCsoft has given a comprehensive list of changes that will take place in the latest patch 1.5 for the MMO, Aion, which will feature in the upcoming open beta test.

Improvements to westernisation, more items and new zones are just some of the features included in the long list of things in line for testers this weekend.

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Fyzzu3798d ago

Hurrah! Some stuff in there that definitely should be, like the aforementioned camera movement.

Redrudy3798d ago

I didn't realise it had been out in Korea since last year.

Leord3798d ago

No, comes as a chock to many :)

Maticus3798d ago

Really pleased about using the left mouse button to move the cam, excellent addition. This is shaping up to be one awesome game.

Leord3798d ago

That's some massive changes for a game not even out here yet :)

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