Nintendo: Victim of Their Own Success

DualShockers Write:

"In the world of video games there are words that are seldom used. One word that's on the top of that list is the word different. The thing with being different is that it can be a double-edged sword. Sometimes a game is different and it's a breath of fresh air for the industry, on the other hand sometimes it's too different and winds up seeming more gimmicky than anything else..."

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taz80803793d ago

LOL @ Two years worth of “hardware shortages” (A.K.A. good marketing) . So true, its simple supply and demand.


what nintendo have done is sold a console to people who don't buy games, that is their ultimate downfall

BROOKLYN N-M-E3793d ago

Great point, pretty much sums up the whole situation. Unfortunately the core of Nintendo followers will scream out otherwise, and just throw sales numbers at you.

Seferoth753793d ago

@playnbeyond, No kid that is Sony. that is why with including demos they still have a lower attach rate than Wii. For someone who seems to think they know a lot you are pretty clueless. I suggest actually READING those sales numbers. It's just really sad and pathetic that the only people who say anytihng negative about the console are the most uninformed out of all gamers.

@ the kid below you, it doesnt take a Nitnendo fanboy to see the truth. Sad that in your ignorance about sales you act as if sales numbers dont matter. Please tell me kid. How is knowing you're wrong make anyone a fanboy for any company? truth is Wii sales more games than PS3 or 360 month after month. If that isnt true please post some proof. Since all the proof I can find and post proves you dead wrong but you think that makes someone a fanboy..

Seems to me its you who are the fanboy and not those proving you wrong. they have proof, you have bias opinion. Not really are hard thing to see who the real fanboy is between people posting real sales numbers and someone who wants to dispute facts with their own personal opinion.

taz80803793d ago

The Wii was probably the smartest console Nintendo made to date. The other consoles they had were in direct competition to Xbox, PS, Dreamcast. The Wii is on its own, geared for kids and the casual.

MostUnfurrowed3793d ago

Which is fine, until people insist on comparing the three. Then you get problerms.

iiprotocolii3793d ago

And very true. I agree with everything the author said. Nintendo's "greatness" this generation is being determined by their sheer sales numbers rather than the quality of games they're producing. The one thing that attracted me to the Wii was Twilight Princess... and that says a lot. Their first party games are, usually, the reason to play the Wii; but, other than that, their third-party titles lack in just about every sense (except for a few). It's a shame Nintendo's facade and new controls is the reason to get it... hasn't attracted hardcore gamers in any way.

Chadness3793d ago

I still think motion control is a is the balance board. It just that a lot of people have fallen for these gimicks.

FinalomegaS3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

get ready for gimmick round 2 and 3 when Sony and MS brings their own.

Nintendo kept moving the gaming input device each time, and they simply brought the next one, maybe it wasn't perfect but eventually we should have Minority report type input.If our creativity and technology can fuse at some point.

Gaming FTW.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3793d ago

It's actually quite ironic that original IP's can't thrive on a console based on originality. :p

Seferoth753793d ago

Yes just like the Ps2 where so many games like Okami failed. Oh sorry. Didnt mean to interupt your little rant there. I forget this is the first gen of gaming for a lot of people. you included. its ok kid. N4g is full of clueless people who use personal opinion as fact. you'll fit in just fine with the other fanboys and bottomfeeders.

SaiyanFury3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

@ Seferoth

Why is it you can't make a post without you calling somebody a "Sony fanboy"? Are you not able to communicate without calling people names?

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The story is too old to be commented.