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PS Blog writes: "We issued a call to arms and you answered in your droves.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted their rousing battle cries to the MAG Community Trailer competition. I'm happy to bring you the fruits of your efforts – the latest MAG trailer."

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wxer3787d ago

im hyped up for this game

jaxx3773787d ago

I agree that this is a Day 1 buy for me too, but that trailer is horrible.

talltony3787d ago

Everyone on my friends list thats in the beta tell me that their is a few hiccups but never any lag. Im phsyched for this game DAy 1!

wxer3787d ago

yah but its not about trailers

a lot of games got a "WOW" trailer but at the end it was just a stupid game
yet on the other side their is tons of underrated games

Delta3787d ago

256 player matches today. You in? I am.

La Chance3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Anyways sow...incredible graphics....cant wait for Sony to some out tomorrow and say it can be done on 360 LMAO.

Chubear3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

It can't. If it could, it would have been done by now already. Funny, naysayers want people to believe MAG's graphics are meh but I haven't seen an online game exclusive on the 360 that looks anything close to as good as this game.

The best you can reach for is Gears but one would look stupid comparing a 5v5 game with a 128v128 game and gears still doesn't look any significantly better regardless and lags while this runs glaringly significantly smoother... and it's still in beta.

All I see is PS3 pushing online game on dedicated servers for free with option of 5v5; 8v8; 16v16; 32v32; 128v128 but for some stupidly insane reason I'm supposed to believe another system with P2P servers as the norm and a max of 9v9 for online play is superior cause it has a social network feature of X-game chat and unified game invites instead of specific in-game invites?

... yeah sure. You go do ODST for a monthly fee and I'll take my stupid arse and play MAG, KZ2, R2 etc for free.

mrv3213787d ago

Well it can't because P2P.

I like how Sony have released a beta with 256 players and it's more stable than a full game like Gears 2 months after release.

Do you hate bubbles? Or just love ignorance?

3787d ago
Vecta3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

As long as Xbox Live still predominately uses P2P for servers instead of dedicated ones, this cant be on 360.

Dedicated servers can be made in numerous games however on the 360, the only problem is that Microsoft only allows dedicated servers to be run on another Xbox 360 and the games have to get Microsoft's approval first. There is one exception however; Frontlines: Fuels of War convinced Microsoft to Allow for a few proper(PC/SQL Based) dedicated servers, but that game kinda bombed...

Pennywise3787d ago

La Chance will be busy waiting on a match in Gears 2. Good luck with that.

phosphor1123787d ago

It gave me the chills watchin that.

Chubear3787d ago

I hear you. Anyone bringing up a game like Frontlines is just reaching at best. The game bombed for a reason. They did not organize the battle system properly for 25v25 matches and even matches over 8v8 ran into stupid hic-ups.

Go play that game now and you'll be lucky to find 200 IN ALL that play that game but you won't find any servers running games upward of 8v8. You just can't throw big numbers and expect stupid mindless chaos to be fun. Games that size have to be organized to make it actually fun.

So far, on average, you'll get online games on the 360 using P2P and 8v8 for a cost as the norm while with the PS3 you get Dedicated servers and 16v16 as the norm for free.

The don't really have much options to play games over 16v16 on the 360 while you have a number of options for that on the PS3. Is online gaming not about actual gaming anymore?

BulletToothtony3787d ago

about time for a new game don't you think.. oh wait.. you got nothing coming that's right..

I guess you ARE going to be playing gears 2 and apparently is gonna be for a long time..

FlameBaitGod3787d ago

LMAO we dont need people to tell us 360 has no good games when a 360 fanboy legend is still playing Gears 2 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greywulf3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )


Maybe Epic will get around to fixing gears after Rein is done enjoying your hard earned money Lachance :)The hottest news for the 360 is multiplatform & the halo expansion kit. lol.


Nice trailer. Did they cut up an army commercial? or is this official?

The Wood3786d ago

...meanwhile sony + psn push the online boundaries on a FREE Inferior online service whereas others push adds

Glyn_Dwr3786d ago

...great competition by Sony, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up lol!

FamilyGuy3786d ago

Thank you soooo much, you just explained why FFXIV is having a hard time getting on the 360. I had no idea M$ was doing that "360 severs", WTF?

The voice over/narrative for that trailer made the game sound epic.

MAG is looking to be the most immersive RTS (yup)I've ever seen. It's a FPS, yes, but it's definitely got RTS in it's veins. The scope alone...

Yeah, I've just regained a lot of interest in this game.

Hububla3786d ago

That should soooo be the slogan for MAG

"Lead me, Follow me, or get outa my way." epic

morganfell3783d ago

He is lucky you can only melee and grenade tag through walls in Gears 2 and not through a forum. And unlike Gears 2 he only has 1 bullet (bubble) instead of the infinite ammo. Just crab walk on out of here.

MAG is a precedent setting title. Epic truly fits the title. The 720p trailer looks amazing:

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l3w153787d ago

That trailer was formed by user ideas and battlefield speaches on the PS3 EU Forums.
People had to think of thier own battlefield speaches and the winners would be put into a trailer.

That is it.

The trailer was very good actully, some good lines in there from people.

Ravage273787d ago

Anyway the music is epic :)

Christopher3787d ago

Qore subscribers get in...

Just saying, there are some pretty sweet perks to the subscription, including free games that end up saving you more than the cost of the subscription. I know I got about $40 worth of games out of the first year, and best part was it only cost me $20 for the second year renewal.

callahan093787d ago

That was absolutely epic. Great music, great footage, great writing & voice-over. This trailer should be played in the cinemas, and I don’t mean PlayStation Home cinemas, but the real-life cinemas! The footage was simply gorgeous, I didn’t know this game was that pretty. Now I’m very excited for this game.

Cajun Chicken3787d ago

Yeah, this was a good ad. I'm not all that big into the dedication for online gaming so I think this game maybe a little too lets say, 'hardcore' for me, I prefer hopping on a game every now and then, I just don't play the game to get promoted or go to a higher class.
But if the idea can be pulled off properly on a console, I'd like to see what happens.

BX813786d ago

The footage looked like crap, but what can you expect with 256 players all moving about at one time. The writing and the music was great. I love it when a trailer or movie makes me want to go throw on my gear and head str8 to Iraq again. Sweet job. It's good to see Sony promoting them selves now. Good job.

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