MPOGD Review: Evony

Much has been said about the various Evony ads, which portray big-breasted women that really have nothing to do with the actual gameplay when it comes to the game. What you fail to hear people talk about, however, is the game itself. I jumped into Evony knowing what kind of game to expect in the first place, and I must say that I'm pretty surprised by how enjoyable I've found the game. There are problems holding it back – most of which are in play to make money – but once you start overlooking and accepting them there is fun to be had.

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peeps3788d ago

seriously the adverts actually put me off ever looking at the game cus it's just so sad that they feel they have to advertise it in that way. If it's a good game then sell it as that. pictures of girls in underwear to attract the nerds is just plain embaressing /rant