"Many Killed Or Maimed" By Video Games

Spong reports on how Mr Jack Thompson may need to move over, Louisiana State Representative Roy Burrell has upped the ante when it comes to mixing fact and fiction to make political capital.

Burrell says this:
"Psychopathic killers are not born, they are made! Maybe our judge and news editor should tune into the national cable stations and consider using their professional tools to assist in areas that will help stop senseless activities and deaths due to extremely violent information being fed to our children.

This is the Representative that loves the HB 1381 which was made law in Louisiana in June 2006, and over-turned as unconstitutional in November the same year. This law would have enabled judges to rule on whether a video game was too violent to sell to children.

Burrell will not let it lie and tells The Shreveport Times readers the following today: "The unsuspected cost of $100,000 to taxpayers for legal fees (to get HB1381 reinstated) is but a small price paid to save the life of just one child, given the many killed or maimed, linked to the mind-altering harmful ultra-violent video games.

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PS360WII4180d ago

You know what else is corrupting the minds of young children. News. That's right Fox, CNN, MSN any news program that shows the real life killers out there and what they did. Including step by step instructions how the killers or whatever did to their victims and do the story again and again and again. Then have a special on it too. Best part about it is you can get these news programs on regular TV, cable TV, satellite TV, anywhere and no one seems to care that little kids can hear about how some parents locked their kids up to do drugs, or how VT had a mass shooting, or anything heinous out there. It's on in the morning, afternoon, at night, and even on some stations on all day. Kids learn more crazy killing stuff, or violence related stories on the news then they do in a video game.

sigh... but no one sees it that way I guess...

dominusbellum4180d ago

how are killers not born you don't think there was murderers back in the time of the roman empire and even longer ago then that i mean i know influence has something to do with it but not everything.

so basically if you play gears or resistance you are going to be a murderer someday and the whining over the internet will be over and we will fight eachother in real life

snoop_dizzle4180d ago

basically a 1/3rd of people who bought gears of war, would be killing people right now.

The utter thought of that is insanity.

Keyser4180d ago

How over dramatic is this guy? So many heinous serial killers existed before the invention of video games. Why are only the violent images played through a video game seen as contributors to people doing bad deeds?

How many times have we seen someone shot, stabbed, killed in a movie, tv show, commercial or even read in a book? You take all thsoe mediums away and you would still have serial killers.

Has he seen Hannibal Rising? (not a true story)

Nervsys4180d ago (Edited 4180d ago )

I've been playing computer games since the mid 80s and I haven't killed anyone yet.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?

But then I did build a great wall after a maration session of Tetris

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The story is too old to be commented.