Cheaters usually win...except for when they don't

Examiner: Today, bidness is cheating…and piracy. They're sort of interchangeable (though not really). What I'm specifically referencing is the recent smackdown (now WWE will sue me) that Microsoft and Valve have been laying down (now The Rock will sue me) on people going over the EDGE (one more chance for Timmy). In case you missed the stories on my favorite video game news site, Kotaku, Microsoft is perma-banning people who have pirated Halo 3: ODST and Valve is stripping Team Fortress 2 players of ill-gotten hats. Let's take a closer look at these one at a time…

First and foremost, I wholeheartedly endorse Microsoft's banhammer, but not for why you might think. I'm not about to come down on piracy. Every time Metallica takes an 11-year-old kid to court with a bajillion dollar lawsuit because the kid downloaded one of their songs, I sort of want them to go bankrupt. Why don't we just erase the kid's hard drive and make him work community service? No, we have to wreck his life instead because poor Metallica needs the money.

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