Batman 2? "We're just waiting to see if people like the game," says Rocksteady

VG247: The most obvious question in the history of obvious questions: is Rocksteady working on a sequel to the almost universally acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum? Shall we ask Paul Crocker, AA's lead narrative designer? Oh, go on then.

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Galvanise3787d ago

I'd much rather Arkham Asylum stand alone and be remembered fondly instead of tarnishing it with a sequel. Arkham Asylums genius is having all the villains and Batman all in the same place for a legitimate reason. Taking the game elsewhere or returning to Arkham will ruin some of the charm of walking in there for the first time.

Beast_Master3787d ago

Their are a ton of villians that we didn't see including 2 Face, pengin, MR. Freeze, Riddler and catwoman. Plus they made the point of mentioning Black Rock Prison. So I would not be surprised to see a sequel on Black Rock. I think the game has sold over 1 million copies already, so a sequel is enivitable.

CyberCam3787d ago

they need to ditch the UE3 & use the CryEngine 3. I loved the game except for the shiny plastic looking graphics!

DTClown3787d ago

It says so OUT LOUD at the end of the game! Were you guy's NOT listening closely?? It says plainly who you will be going after, and YES, it WILL be in Gotham City! (Listen closely "2" what it says folks!) Also, after the credit roll you see a key figure "return" from the depths! It pays to wait for the credits to finish for both games AND movies. (I tried to work around the spoilers the best I could)

Bring on Bat Man 2 RockSteady! BRING IT ON! =)x

Sangria3787d ago

How about a Joker : Gotham Stories?
The Joker DLC proved the villain can handle many gadgets, it only needs creativity. It would be more complicated to elaborate, as Joker is a villain and no hero would do Machiavellian things to catch him, but maybe we should use the Joker's disturbed mind to alter reality.

Or a mafia shooter as Two-Face, in a D*ck Tracy-like ambiance. I just want to be a villain, Batman series has the chance to have many mature and mad villains, and i'm sick to always be the hero.

Beast_Master3787d ago

I think the sequel will be with 2 Face at Blackgate/rock prison. The game ends with Batman responding to a call to capture 2 Face. But if they do a sequel they will need at least 2 main villians to even come close to being as epic as Joker.

4pocalyps33787d ago

scarecrow did it for me in that game. hopefully they do a sequal but with scarecrow as the main villain.

The Meerkat3787d ago

I agree.

I was sweating when the screen froze during the third encounter.
I thought my 360 had RRODed.

Pure genius.

d0nT wOrrY3787d ago

lol hahaha
Same here, i looked at my 360 to see if there's red light or not

3787d ago
IronFistChinMi3787d ago

Same here! I can't see my 360 from the position I play games from, so I sat up and let out a huge sigh of relief!

Pillville3787d ago

@The Meerkat
Hey, hey, hey, have some spoiler warnings please. Now I'm not going to completely panic when my machine freezes.

Pennywise3787d ago

Eamon... Dont be like that. Use SPOILER ALERTS for your obvious spoilers of the end of the game. Reported.

Eamon3787d ago

Sorry Pennywise. I would edit it but it seems to late now. The option isn't available anymore.

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kingme713787d ago

“We don’t talk about the DLC, I’m afraid,” Crocker added.
The first rule of DLC is we don't talk about DLC.

Oh, there will be a sequel no doubt about it. You don't think a publisher (Eidos in this case) would let a successful, licensed property off that easy?

sunil3787d ago

especially when this game is awesome

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