New Gran Turismo a killer app for PSP

Sony has predicted that its latest Gran Turismo title will single-handedly give a significant boost to hardware sales of PSPgo and PSP 3000 – and that it is expecting "huge" consumer interest in the game.

Gran Turismo PSP is released on October 1st, the day Sony's latest handheld hardware, the digital-only PSPgo, is launched. A boxed version of the game will be backed by a "hefty" marketing campaign from Sony.

"As one of the most well loved PlayStation franchises ever, GT on PSP is gearing up to be a big hit," said Sony UK product manager Claire Backhouse.

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butterfinger3793d ago

that this will probably be even more popular than God of War: Chains of Olympus was. I can't wait to get it AND my PSP Go on October 1. :)

randomwiz3793d ago

I hope people don't pirate this as much. I have to admit, I won't pirate if its a great game.

This one is a buy for me.

ps360owner093793d ago

Along with uncharted 2, magna carta 2, and forza 3. October is going to be an expensive month for me.

bigboss9113793d ago

recently bought a 3000. I don't like the whole digital thing the Go is pushing, so i went with the 3000 so i can play it this fall. GoW:CoO, Crisis Core, and Dissidia where just the icing on the cake lol. Cant wait to start trading cars and stuff between friends and Gt5!

Iceman1003793d ago

the most unrealistic racer ever...time for psp 2.

Perjoss3793d ago

I'm sure its going to be amazing, but the biggest failure of GTpsp is it wasn't around for the release of the psp, PD could have bypassed all the piracy (which only kicked in after some time) and made an absolute killing, not to mention the psp would have sold a lot more units.

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