PS3 Firmware 3.01? Sony: "No Comment"

After some problems with the PS3 Firmware 3.0 (game freezings, sounds issues) Videogameszone asked Sony, if these problems already known and if they are working on a hotfix for Firmware 3.0.

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zeeshan3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Some people are also having problems with their DualShock 3 controllers. Last night, I read at about the controller issues and for some people Uncharted is not working fine either. You can bet your ass that guys at Sony are already working on 3.01 or 3.1 or whatever they want to call it.

But IMO, these things can and often do happen. As long as they patch it and fix this quickly, they have nothing to worry about and I am not going to b**ch about it either. Firmware updates can have problems and they can be easily patched. It's only a matter of time before Sony releases the patch. It's not a matter of if, it's more like when :)

3793d ago

Sony always have to release a .01 after every major update, no matter how much QA the update has been through there will always be a problem, its just the nature of updating a console which can do so much and has the bigger chance of something going wrong because of how much it can do. Its impossible for Sony to cover all the bases

ID IR A G 0 N3793d ago

i liked my ps3 better before this stupid update....... 3.0 = epic fail

Christopher3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Really? I've done all the updates and it's always been just one update and no x.01 update afterward.

I haven't experienced any issues with 3.0 yet, especially with my dualshock controller.

lordgodalming3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I have not had any of these problems. Firmware 3 looks great (32-inch Samsung LCD), runs smoothly, and I haven't had a single problem with freezes. I'm also rocking the 3D zebras from the Afrika theme! Really, it seems to me like people wanted the firmware update to transform their PS3 into the PS4 or something.

Edit: I'm on a "fat" 40GB model.

trancefreak3793d ago

My launch 60gb us is freezing like crazy im calling sony today regarding this but my 40gb is working flawlessly since the update.

I dont know which ps3 are effected by my early model definitally is.

+ Im a hardcore sony fan with all the next gen consoles wouldnt try to bs the situation. I was in the sony forums last night complaining also.

Sarcasm3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

The only 2 functional problems i have is that Uncharted freezes every 30 minutes, and I cant go into the XMB when listening to music.

Edit: Scratch that, switched output frequency to 48kHz and now it works again. So only Uncharted freezes every 30 minutes is my issue. On a Slim BTW.

Apocwhen3793d ago

I've a 60gb ps3 too and it's been freezing during cod:waw and Kz2 since 3.0 update also.

Blitzed3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I have a 60G launch PS3 and haven't has any issues at all. I was playing uncharted last night and it worked fine. I did have my database rebuilt when I turned on my PS3 the day after the update, but I didn't lose anything and its been fine since.

I wasn't too impressed with 3.0, but love that the loading times for nearly everything has significantly increased.

randomwiz3793d ago

I have a 60gb, but I haven't had any problems.... but then again, I don't use it much, maybe 1-2 hours a day for games

presto7173793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I thought that by reaching the index 3, sony would completely overhaul the whole thing, while maintaining the current xmb. I was looking forward to cross game chatting, party invites, and the rumored playstation cloud thing along with the reputation system.

And now I am hearing horrible stories of ver 3.0 crashing and causing all sorts of other problems. I mean, I love playstation. And thats why I feel sony should rectify this problem immediately.

I would love sony twice as much if they listened to the fans on this one. I mean, everyone is begging for cross game chat. What more do we have to do to get sony to implement it? Come on.

EDIT. Please no one should paint me as a fanboy or anything. I already got a disagree and I dont know why. I give sony props for the improvements, but I just thought there would be more. The absence of cross game chat or the party system does not make me hate the ps3. But those would be nice features to have.

Apocwhen3793d ago

I'm sure they'll fix it soon. My biggest gripe is the ugly friend list. It looks completely out of place with the rest of the XMB. I have no idea how such an act got beyond QA. It's very difficult to read white text on gray when in a game. I also hate the fact that the entire list flickers one by one when you bring it up in a game too. I'm not too happy about the size increase for icons/fonts either as I sit close to my 22' tv. The occasional stability issue is a slight concern too.

yess3793d ago

The only reason peps want xchat is so they can say, haha xbox now we have it to.Its not game or console related in anyway its a chat option, so scream on about needless features and waist Sony's time...

sniper-squeak3793d ago

The scrolling ticker bar on the top right corner and the TV icon with BBC iPlayer.

I live in the UK and still don't have these features while other I know have them

hay3793d ago

Dunno, played uncharted yesterday for few hours, not a single freeze.

dinkeldinkse3793d ago

I have a launch 60 gig and it's been freezing a crap ton since about 11 hours ago.I think I might have the YLOD because it will work fine for 20 minutes and then it will shut off for no reason and I can't get it to turn back on.I have had no problems except hdd data becoming corrupted a couple of times in 2007.

Information Minister3793d ago

... because I have a launch 60gb PS3 and I've NEVER had ANY problems with FW updates. Still I would like to see a 3.01 firmware to remove the playstation store icon from the game section (1 icon under the PSN section is enough) and bring back the PLAYSTATION logo when you start a game. Those are the only things I don't like about FW 3.0.

Kleptic3793d ago

I have a ~launch 60gb NTSC PS3 (march 07)...and never noticed any problems with FW updates until 3.0...

its nothing work fine from what I have tried...but the two store shortcuts put in the game and video tabs of the xmb are buggy for me...if I click on one of the shortcut tiles that pop out to the right, the system hangs permanently...its not a full freeze, as I can hold the PS button on the DS3 and get the black screen with options to turn off the system, or the controller...and just reset it...but it happens every time I try to use one of the game tabs...the video tiles are hit and miss though...

other than that I simply hate the larger icons, and hate the gray boxes on the friends list...dont' care about the dynamic backgrounds because they cost too much money...and love the status thing in the upper right...should have been there when the system launched...but 3.0 is mostly bust imo...just one little patch could make it all better though...let me change my icon size back, get rid of the hideous gray boxes...and fix the few glitches some people are having...and it will be fine...

mingeater3793d ago

i've had nothing negative happen to me. 3.0 is neither great nor rubbish imo.

xxBiG_BoSSxx3792d ago

no problems here either. i'm on a 60gig and luckily haven't had any problems on batman despite playing the crap out of it. that's not to say these issues don't exist. its been reported enough now that i'm sure sony is working on some fixes. i think i recall something similar with the 2.70 update. didn't 2.71 follow shaortly after?

Press_Agree3792d ago

we need 3.01 cause my cod5 game froze once

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NewZealander3793d ago

yup i bought two games with my slim, mgs4 is pretty cool, and (DUM DUM DE DUM) uncharted, i really want to get into it but its unplayable!

sony sort your s#it out!

Marojado3793d ago

I can understand your upset. My PS3 updated perfectly fine but my mate treated himself and bought Uncharted for his PS3 the other day only for it to freeze up on him after the update.

wUTTer3793d ago

Yes I feel your pain. I've had Uncharted for a long time and never beat it. So after the 3.0 update, I decided to finish it and try to get my platinum.

I froze 3 times before I finally completed the game. I guess I will just wait for a fix until I'm able to get my platinum.

THC CELL3793d ago

some people also lie cause i have had no problems at all

in other news people should no now sony never comment on anything till there ready

Jacobite3793d ago

I've got the 60gb PS3, everything works fine is it just the slim or certain models, at work I've not heard anyone saying they have a problem.

butterfinger3793d ago

To think that people are lying just because you don't have problems is a pretty simple-minded way to think. That being said, the problems that people are having don't seem to be too big of a deal, and I could see Sony waiting until 3.1 to address all of the minor issues. Of course, it would be nice for the people with Uncharted freezing and controllers not syncing to be able to use what they paid for sooner than later.

Marojado3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

It's a valid point. People are petty enough to lie. It's funny how the people who seem to be hit the most by all the failings of current gen consoles are purely from this site... That said, the problems are legitimate. The scale by which they are though is debatable. My 60GB is fine, my brother's 80GB is fine, my mate's 80GB suffers occassional freezing on Uncharted now.

THC CELL3792d ago

hey some people may lie to gain a slim ps3
you never no thats all i am saying

some games might freeze that's it
but the ylod come on what boll ox that is

Its called sabotage really some fan boys and review sites do it all the time cause there scared

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Marty83703793d ago

Never had one problem with any firmware. I'm running v3.0 on a UK launch PS3 60Gb(upgraded to 320Gb), everything runs fine.

muddygamesite3793d ago

Ive updated to 3.00 and everything is working perfectly. However, there is something rather strange I noticed, and im hoping it is not sony's intentional doing.

when ever I start a game up (any game) I no more get the introductory PS3 logo before the game loads. Is this a bug ? or is it SONy who took that out intentionally ?

Any help will be appreciated.

Pennywise3793d ago

they removed it. I have no idea why they didnt add the new logo... but its just black screen, which sucks.

d0nT wOrrY3793d ago

no, Sony has removed it. :(

Raf1k13793d ago

I think that was taken out. I remember someone commenting about it the other day.

dkgshiz3793d ago

I think my games have a faster start up for some reason.

muddygamesite3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Thanks alot guys for the feedback. Seeing as i have a launch 60gb unit, I was scared something crazy was happening to it. Im glad to know it was intentional.

However I am slightly disappointed that SONY have taken out such a strong trademark for their games. They could have at least used the new "PS3" logo.

It makes no sense. Why would they remove a logo reminding people they are starting up a PS3 game ? Ah well I guess I will get used to it. Something tells me they might change it to the new PS3 logo if they get enough complaints.

Apart from that minor issue, I think the new FW 3.0 is pretty good. At first the new friend list format disorientated me, but I am used to it now and I think the next FW update will expose why they have gone with such a decision.

I have also gotten used to the bigger fonts and larger Icons.

I haven't gotten used to the fading out of other un-highlighted Icons in the XMB. For example, I have like 90 movies on my Hard drive. When I highlight a certain movie, the names of the movies above and below fade out. This is especially annoying because I cannot tell which movie is next on the list without scrolling down to see it. Can this feature be changed ?

Many thanks

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