Microsoft is Screwing Up Live on Vista

A year ago this month, at the last really big E3 ever, Microsoft announced its Live Anywhere initiative, promising to rapidly extend Xbox Live to the PC and cell phones. Finally, your Xbox Live friends list, achievements, Live Arcade, and all that other good stuff would be accessible on those other platforms with over 100 million gamers. They didn't show off the service per se, but rather had a mock-up demonstration of what it would be like. You'd be sitting there on your PC and someone on the Xbox 360 would see you online, invite you into a cross-platform game, and away you'd go. They'd send you a message, and you'd get it on your phone, PC, 360-wherever you happen to be. You could edit your Forza Motorsport 2 car on your PC and then take it out on the 360 to drive. Sure it was just a mock-up, but the idea was to say, "This is what we're going for."

This month, the first two Live PC games hit the market, first Halo 2 and then Shadowrun, and boy did Microsoft ever drop the ball on this one. Microsoft has set everything in place for Live on the PC to be a failure, and what's more, they're continually showing that their PR-speak claiming "we really care about the PC as a gaming platform" is 180 degrees out of alignment with their actions.

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Vip3r4487d ago

I for one will not be paying M$ for live on the PC. Why should I?

Black Republican4487d ago

ahh this again

1 - you don't have to, you can still play online without the live service

2 - if you currently have xbox live gold on your 360, you do not have to pay again for the pc, you can use the same account

3 - you don't have to, it is your choice and no one elses

kornbeaner4487d ago


Something was promised that was never MS.....never we all know only sony does things like that.

Must of been a Sony fanboy who posted this story. HAHAHAAHHA


Systematrix4487d ago

Actually, I own a 360, no PS3 here. If an article is good, even if it against something I like, I'll post it.

kornbeaner4487d ago

I was just playing around. The joke goes both ways. If it were positive it starts flames if it's negative it also starts flames.

It was a joke post.

I own a PS3.

Vavoom4487d ago

Here are a couple of quotes from you past posts.

10 May 2007
"No Sony Fanboy here
Actually, I own a 360, no PS3 here. If an article is good, even if it against something I like, I'll post it."

19 Apr 2007 17:04
"How sad for PS3
Before I start, let me state that I own both 360 and PS3. PS3 fanboys just can't come to grips with the fact that they're not #1 anymore."

Either you have a PS3 or you don't or is it you don't remember. You just like some other people are just seeking ways and opportunities to bash MS. I really don't know where you get the energy, to me it would be completely draining to had something or someone so much that I look to print their every mistake. I would have never posted this crap because it's too fanboyish and has I'm bias written all over it.

Yeah you say you own both systems, or did you. Here is what I think, you actually own a PS3 and NOT a 360 and you're hiding behind a bunch of lies. Here is some advice for you, if you're gonna lie about something, at least remember your lies.

kornbeaner4487d ago

5 people disagree and gave me negative feed cause they couldn't scroll down to the third post.

Honestly people it was a F'n joke. Don't take everything to heart or at least go through the whole thread before clicking my bubbles away.

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shysun4487d ago

LOL MS @ it again.They wont get my money....XFire and team speak FTW!

dodgefate4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

ya, xfire & TS FTW

PS360WII4487d ago

That artical was a long one, but pointed out good things. I suggest you all to read it when you can. Live on PC is kind of a joke when compaired to what PC gamers have had for a very long time. Like the artical said 'why pay more for less' I do believe MS can fix Live on PC with some changes but again I don't think they will for it would hamper what they expect from Live on 360. ie money

dodgefate4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

M$ gets enough of my money to get something that may or may not work an the article was made May 10, 2007 if it was like a month old I would think nothing of it.

An M$ trying to push vista on us not just with this but now M$ games (HALO 2 PC must have vista) is so lame anyone who has it knows it sucks I will stick to XP.

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The story is too old to be commented.