Left 4 Dead 2's Dark Carnival unveiled

Valve today revealed the third of five campaigns for Left 4 Dead 2, Dark Carnival, and Eurogamer popped round to the firm's Bellevue office to try it out.

We'll have a comprehensive work-up of what we saw soon, but in the meantime you probably want to check out the first screenshots of Dark Carnival, and hear about things like the new special infected, the Jockey.

The Jockey's a right pain in the neck, appearing out of nowhere and hopping onto one of the survivors' backs. He or she then loses control of movement, allowing the Jockey to steer the pair into dangerous territory, where other infected can pile on the damage.

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Madusha4468d ago (Edited 4468d ago )

Nothings more fun than zombie destruction inside a carnival ;)

"You must be this tall... TO DIE!"

marcus j4468d ago

Do you think l4d2 will be on steam or out on retail shelfs first?

clixx334468d ago

"The game's out for PC and Xbox 360 on 20th November, but launching for Steam on 17th November." That answer your question? :) It's really shaping up to be an awesome game!

THE MAX SPEED 214468d ago

I hate Clowns. Can't wait to shoot them.

AngryHippo4468d ago this game, cant wait to destroy some zombies with frying pans, axes and chainsaws, good times ahead. =0) A bit off topic but does anyone know if Dead Rising 2 will be a Tokyo Game Show this year? I am really looking forward to seeing more on that game, its gone quiet for quite some time now.

DlocDaBudSmoka4468d ago

everyone cant wait for my Dark Carnival grounds.

RedSoakedSponge4468d ago

i am excited. i was hoping to see atleast a pic of the Jockey, but oh well. sounds an interesting special infected. oh and love the clown uncommon common. brings childhood nightmares to life haha.

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