No plans for Euro PSN cards, says Sony

Sony has told CVG this morning that it currently has no plans to release pre-paid PlayStation Network cards in Europe.

Unless you're packing plastic, you won't be able to download and buy things from PS3's PlayStation Store.

In Japan the solution is to offer consumers the chance to buy a pre-paid top-up card form a number of retail outlets that'll give you a code to enter via PS3 to get hold of your funds.

CVG spoke to Sony this morning and were told, "We have no plans to release the PSN cards in Europe at this time."

A similar issue arose when Xbox Live first launched in Europe. You needed a credit card during the sign-up process for security reasons. People who didn't have access to one were a bit stuck as far as getting on Microsoft's online gaming service.

Fingers crossed Sony Europe comes though.

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Babylonian4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Europe get's to eat a nice dish of jummy, aroma smelling, salt flavoured, soft creaming, hot spicy poop. Thank you Sony, for fµcking this part of the world more than any other part. This part of the world that gave a blast of a launch for the PS3.

Thank you, the previous dishes were tasty too.

PhinneousD4487d ago

does the japanese just 'hate' pal regions or something?

kewlkat0074487d ago

gets sh!tted on, what else is new?

Black Republican4487d ago

man that sucks...
but can't you buy thinsg online on the psn with credit card???

KS19854487d ago

I would hate to use a credit card.

Sure they come in handy on some occations, but:

You have to go through the legal aggrements,

You have to pay a montly tax,

and the risk of your Credit Card details being stolen are pretty high,
Pass the F###ing moon.

Black Republican4487d ago

yeah I agree with you. I don't like using my credit card unless it's an emergency.
with xbox live you can buy microsoft points online, I have a few times because I was too lazy to go to the store lol.
but I do preffer buying the points at the store.

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