Xbox 360 could beat PS3 in Folding

Technology news site writes:

"The Geforce 7900 inside the PS3 is no match for Xenos in the Xbox. Even the Sony Cell would probably end beaten by 48 vec4+scalar units hidden inside Xbox's 360 graphics chip. [email protected] is Stream Computing at its finest, and six/seven/eight SPE units can flourish in the CPU. But when compared to the GPU, the Xbox 360 GPU would probably run in circles around Cell CPU.

And then Microsoft's marketing machine might get interested in touting [email protected] for the Xbox 360 console, since it would no longer be a race between a snail and a rabbit, as far as protein folding performance is concerned."

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predator4491d ago

The whole article as it is different from the other post about the moore interview.

MikeMichaels4490d ago

Now they only need to produce a version of their system that could reliably stay on for any length of time without melting down and we'll kick these diseases asses together!!!

FYI, you can check out "ATI gpu" contributions on our CPU lists (in the [email protected] app). They put out great numbers!

Merovee4490d ago

The PS3 does not utilize the RSX for folding the only thing it does for [email protected] is the reltime display. Cell is doing all of the actual work. So it's really silly to compare a CPU to a GPU.

CG4491d ago

Why copy sony with this [email protected] [email protected], just to prove a point.

cuco334490d ago

cuz proving a point will still benefit science

i'm all for this, even though normally i'ld be against it
just hope that with the supposed quality issues that the 360s will be able to hold out overnight simulations

power of Green 4491d ago

Really MS is too humble and their enemies and competition knows it and could hurt the 360; why not hush all the haters and hypesters.

neogeo4490d ago

Sounds like moore is starting to get alzheimers, he better start folding his 360 pretty soon before he forgets that he really owns a PS3.

Shadow Flare4491d ago

This is exactly what i was talking about before. Microsoft really couldnt give flying horse crap about [email protected], they just wanna get one up on sony.

Now that article got technically heavy and im no good with that stuff, but i go by what i see. What i see is things like these:

'IBM puts Cell chip to work in supercomputer',1...

'PS3's STI Cell processor gets boffins excited:
Could be the future of science computing'

Since when has anyone cared about any components in the 360? Do scientists care? Do engineers use 360 components in supercomputers? If the cell chip is used in a supercomputer when nothing in the 360 is used in supercomputers, then id suggest the cell chip is far better suited to crunching numbers, doing a hell of alot more calculations per second and therefore its better suited to [email protected]

Put aside the fact that EVEN IF the 360 could do it better than ps3, the reliabilty of the system is of serious concern; i know reliability is brought up alot with the 360 but its because it has CRAP RELIABILTY

Im not against 360 doing [email protected] because it is for a good cause. What im against is microsoft and there fake 2-faced attitude. They pretend to care about [email protected] but i bet it never crossed their minds. What they're more concerned with is making the xbox 360 seem better than the ps3. Constantly. But thats microsoft's mind-set though isn't it, do anything for profit. Even if it involves putting your competition down over medical research

Blackmoses4491d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

I have to agree with you on every point you made. You seriously have to take a step back and really see Microsofts motives for wanting to venture into doing this. It's not for the sake of science and the possibility of future health. It's all about the originator of folding at home for the PS3 saying that the 360 would not be as useful as the PS3 running this program, that and every other fanboy saying it.
If they do this it's to try and out do Sony, TRY!!! It won't happen on this playing field. It would be pretty low of them to go through with this for those reasons and we all know that this would be the only real reason for them doing so.

Microsoft has proven themselves time and time again how single minded they really are. How they've been taken to court numerous times just because they were trying to monopolize the market. I'm not saying Sony had nothing to gain from their venture into the [email protected] endeavor, but.....their compensation was very minimal. The [email protected] project was in no way a venture for Sony to make millions. When it all started they said that the university did not have the money in order to buy the computing power needed in order to do such massive number crunching. So how in the world is SONY benefitting from this other than getting their name out there and being associated with the program? There is virtually no money in it for Sony. So to say that this was a move driven purely from money or a yearly earnings ridiculous.

Microsoft's intent, and we all knew this when the story dropped about the Stanford Professor saying the 360 would not be as useful as the PS3, his is where Pete (Peter Moore)and the gang went crazy with trying to prove everybody wrong. They want to try and disprove anything that could negatively affect their popularity. It's O.K. cause Sony would do the same, but from where I'm standing and seeing the whole picture. This isn't where a "Console War" should bleed over to. This is finding a cure for diseases that have plagued thousands of people world wide.
If they do needs to be for the right reasons.

Sony has never come out and said anything about Folding and the 360. There was never any need, it wasn't about them and it wasn't about a damn Console War!

FadeToBlack4491d ago

I guess Sony does eveything it does out of the kindness of their hearts and for the betterment of man kind, it really has nothing to do with making money now does it? lol

Bebedora4491d ago

You start to get it why billy boy is spreading his (PR) money all over the world then?

Because he is also an angel - *LOL*

Then again, this is one of those times when PR works for the better good.

Mr Murda4490d ago

You think Sony is really concerned about the consumer and world issues? No, they're not out for profit....they're here for us. Awwww.

MS would do [email protected] precisely to prove a point and to make more money. You're acting as if MS is the leader in the video game industry, you're wrong. Even though MS is the leader in this generation, at this point, they know better than anyone that they are not. Sony is, and will be the leader in the video game industry until proven otherwise. This is why MS is willing to do whatever it takes to out-do Sony, Nintendo, or whomever challenges them.

This industry, as in every other industry, is ALL ABOUT profit. It's ALL ABOUT proving yourself better than your competition. It's ALL ABOUT marketing your product to as many people as possible. There wouldn't be a PS3 if Sony didn't make money on the PS1 and PS2. Nintendo wouldn't be here if the NES didn't make them money. Likewise, MS wouldn't be in the market if they didn't see potential to make big money.

This is the way the world works, so get used to it. Well, you could go to Cuba if you don't like it.

Use some common sense, and don't post links to other fools that don't know anything either. Just cause you've got a website or blog doesn't mean you know anything.

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