First official images of The Last Remnant

First official images of Square Enix's new next-gen RPG.

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Cartesian3D4491d ago

hope SE will handle those huge projects.. and release them as soon as possible..

good luck

Vojkan4491d ago

This pictures are already posted. Just browse down and you will see it. Do we really need to post same topic/article a few times per day?

TnS4491d ago

I checked it before I submitted. Where are those images?

PS360WII4491d ago

is intense! Looks like it's going to be a brightly colored game. Now for the SE party to start so we can get even more stories and get overloaded with Square-Enix goodness

PhinneousD4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

it looks good. it has a lost odyssey style... might be because of the unreal 3 architecture... but is this squares rebuttal to sakaguchi's ip? can't wait to play both.

Genki4490d ago

I was worried that this gen would get flooded with too many shooters/militaristic games(and still am to a degree), and forget all about RPG's, but they seem to be slowly coming out of the woodwork. All I need now is a new Tales game and I'm set. Looks like this, FFXIII, and White Knight will all be stellar RPG's. Let's just hope looks don't deceive us all this time.

I like the art style they're going for here. Something of a bold, euro-inspired, near-apocalyptic look there(I know that was a but much...sorry). Hopefully another winner for SE.

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