The $299 Rock Band Guitar - Full sized replica of Wooden Fender Stratocaster

Examiner writes: Mad Catz has released a new guitar in conjunction with Rock Band, a bad ass guitar that I think might be overpriced a bit costing $299. The guitar is a full sized replica of the Wooden Fender Stratocaster, and is wireless to boot.

Here is their press release with full details. See slide show for promo shots.

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rCrysis4105d ago

you can buy a nice mexican strat with that money. =\

or if you want to go cheaper, you can get a squier =P

wonder who the lucky people are to buy this.

NoBias4105d ago

Full sized rock band guitar... or new PS3 or 360... Decisions...


rCrysis4105d ago

i actually didnt think of that XP

must be the guitarist blood in me =P

evrfighter4105d ago

I could see this being a prize in your local bar...

Crazy Larry4105d ago

should be telling you there is no such thing as a "nice" Mexican strat, but then again, I am picky and have always bought myself very nice equipment:) I would never buy a peripheral for $300, BUT if it was compatible with Rock Band, I'd be a hair more tempted.

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butterfinger4105d ago

We were complaining about the PSPGo's price! This is insane now...

thebudgetgamer4105d ago

"bad ass guitar that I think might be overpriced a bit costing $299"

biggest understatement ever.

RedPawn4105d ago


beavis4play4105d ago

who would waste that kind of money on a peripheral?

Timesplitter144105d ago

"It's like I'm really a guitarist!"

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