Sony confirms God of War Collection for PS3 is region free

VG247: Sony has just confirmed to VG247 that the God of War Collection, featuring God of War I & II, will indeed be region free.

Folks were wondering if it would be region locked since the European version will not be released until after the start of 2010.

Luckily, like most PS3 games, it is importable.

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Nitrowolf23698d ago

This is good news, for European PS3 owners

gaffyh3698d ago

Ok that's it, I'm probably going to import this as my second ever imported game (first one being GT4).

Nitrowolf23698d ago

do it, you won't want to miss out on this classic PS2 game.

FlatulentGhost3698d ago

Yes, awesome news for European gamers.

Although with the absolutely insane PS3/PSP late 2009 release list I have to imagine quite a few people are going to be importing it and not getting to it until it actually goes on sale in Europe in early 2010.

Cwalat3698d ago

Isn't it kinda ironic that importing this from US to Sweden is actually cheaper than buying it here?

I'm importing it no doubt, gotta have this in my collection along with GOW3.

badz1493698d ago

that is true for many other countries I think. when i was in Australia, choosing buy it now on eBay is always cheaper than having to pay full price locally! in Malaysia, the price for buying on eBay and buying locally is almost the same but I don't think I'll ever wait and buy locally at Sony Style again! KZ2 and inFAMOUS made me waiting for almost 2 months before they were available here! I will not wait like that again for Uncharted 2 and R&C ACIT!

Christopher3698d ago

Why would Sony start region locking games now?

Kleptic3698d ago

wait, its region free (as expected, all PS3 games are)...but US only?...

either way...I am thrilled about this compilation coming...I played the first, but never got around to playing the second simply because I was all into PS3 games at that point...and planned on playing it before GoW III shipped...but this is a great way to get ready for the third game...

its too bad they didn't include a chains of olympus port as well, as I don't own a PSP and have yet to even see anything about that game...but whatever, this is still awesome...

Viper73698d ago


Yeah, I am importing games mainly from UK and often get them like half the price of normal. The savings are around 20-40€ per game. I wonder how will Northern European countries handle this when they notice that more and more gamers are buying their games from UK, NA or maybe even japan.

Hell I dont mind paying the 4-5€ delivery fee from Canada, I get something like 3-8€ delivery fee from ordering games from my home country as well.

Good example: Sacred2 Collectors edition 45€+2€~ Uk
Sacred2 Normal edition in Finland 69€

Socom Confrontation 12€+4€ for NA version ordered from Canada
Socom confrontation Pal 60€ from Finland

So basicly if I order GOW collection from NA Ill probably get it
- Faster than those who dont
- Cheaper than those who dont (disincluding ppl who import it from UK)
- win-win

Cyrax_873698d ago

If I buy this game from America, (I live in AUS) will the trophies still work for my PSN?

hay3698d ago

Most probably import for me then. Unless I have some more important things in my budget for which is low chance.

@Cyrax_87: No worries there. I have few imports and trophies work fine.

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Cajun Chicken3698d ago

I have taken advantage of this on PS3 and PSP so many times. Simply brilliant making most games region free on Bluray and UMD, even works with PSN games, for example, I downloaded Ragdoll Kung Fu:Fists of Plastic off the US store when they were giving it for free.

It is my belief the finest thing Sony have done this gen, which will be recognised is the risk of making games and the majority of Bluray region free and I personally think it was a brilliant move. Next gen, I think all systems should have this feature.

Knightrid8083698d ago

I love what Sony has done with region-free games this gen. I imported a game called "Initial D Street Stage" for my psp and its been awsome.

Sitdown3698d ago

1.)Regular dvds and players can be region free 2.)Bluray can be coded just like some dvds.

Game13a13y3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Sony is the most humanitarian company out of the 3.
Free wifi, checked!
Free to play online with your frds, checked!
Free DL game from Qore, checked!
Free items give away on Home, checked!
Free web browser, checked!
Ok to use 3rd parties bluetooth device, checked!
Ok to change your HDD size to whatever you want, checked!
Finding Cure for cancer and other diseases, checked!
Not going to burn down your house while leaving it on, checked!

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Cajun Chicken3698d ago

W,w,w, dot, E,b,a,y, dot, c,o dot, u,k

IcyJoker1873698d ago

That bluray for ya, good stuff

jerethdagryphon3698d ago

half my ps3 games are imports

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