Last Remnant Confirmed For XBOX 360 & Playstation 3

Square Enix's new next-gen RPG has been confirmed for both platforms and for a simultaneous US/Japan release.

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PS360WII4178d ago

that they are still going thru with the simultaneous release in US and Japan! Looks like I'm gonna have to flip a coin to figure out which console to buy it for ^^

dominusbellum4178d ago

i am suprised you wouldn't but the one that gave you the achievements but i guess not everyone really cares about that i don't really but if i had to chose i'd get the one where i could get achievements

PS360WII4178d ago

Hmm yes after that point it is kind of silly to flip a coin. I know I'd beat this game and do the side quest (me=rpg fan^^). So yeah this would be an easy 1k to my gamerscore. Man I like acheviments but I do forget about them. Alright looks like I get to flip a one side coin for this game lol. Plus I don't have any SE on 360 so it would be nice to spread the love

drtysouf214177d ago

Home will be coming out and you will have a trophy room! IMO several 3D trophies and the ability to record a scene that you beat a boos in from this game would be better then an achievement!

dominusbellum4177d ago

really dude that sounds sweet i am a 360 boy, but not a fanboy just don't have alot of money i don't know why all the 360 guys say home looks gay i think it looks awesome you can create your own guy and pad how awesome is that

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power0919994178d ago

I am curious though as to how Square will handle 360 media, and PS3 media.

This is going to be interesting.

jaydesi4178d ago

LOL no surprise, no mention of the Euro version.

once this is out in US/Jap , Euro waits 2-3yrs as usual.

the_bebop4177d ago

You could just Import it especially if you have a PS3.

tehcellownu4178d ago

even though i thought it was time see if the 360 version will come in multiple disks.. this is confirmaton that final fantasy viii and versus is exclusive for PS3..which is great!!!

Saint Sony4178d ago

By the time this comes to europa, 360 will have blu-ray :)

PlayStation3604177d ago

I do agree with you that there is a chance the 360 may offer an external blu-ray drive one day. I don't think it will be able to play games on blu-ray disks. So Last Remnant still may have to come in multiple disks, depending on how long this game is. :(

midgard2294178d ago

new it wasn't for the Wii, that thing cant hold the unreal 3 engine, lol and intendo fans thought it cud

PS360WII4178d ago

Hey now I didn't think it could I just hoped it could ^.-

Anyway SE is making Wii games as well so what can you do

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