Halo 3 Preorders Reach Over Four-Million in North America

While Spider-Man 3 is breaking records at the box office, Halo 3 is apparently breaking records of its own-before it is even out.

According to Gamestop officials, over four million preorders have been made for Halo 3 on Xbox 360. Xbox Evolved has verified this information at five different Greater Cincinnati Gamestop locations, including Gamestop stores, EB Games stores, and Funcoland stores, all under the same umbrella. This information was verified at all locations, however company a document showing this information was not revealed.

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InMyOpinion4206d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Wow! A game having more pre-orders than the Ps3's total hardware sales! LOL! Testing testing. Commencing Flamewar. 3. 2. 1. Ignition!

no_more_heroes4205d ago

but tomorrow bright and shirley (badman jamaicans don't say EARL-y, we say SHIRLEY

predator4205d ago

Thats just beaten gears and its not even out yet, and thats only in the states, damn

Uganda644205d ago

Well America is the only place Halo is a system seller/popular. MGS3 (sold around 3 million world wide) sold more in PAL than Halo 2 did in PAL.

These are amazing figures though.

T-Virus4205d ago

Add another atleast 2.5million to that for Europe, for Halo 3.

predator4205d ago

Thats what i thought, i even here that its kinda big in japan to

Uganda644204d ago

Wow some of you sure can be thick. 5.5 million in Europe, where 360 isn't popular, Halo isn't popular (I even gave you the bloody figures), and what's this? Popular in Japan? Compared to what? Other Xbox games?

Also, this is completely false. 4 million pre-orders is absolutely impossible at 4400 stores in the USA alone with only 5.2 million 360s sold there so far.

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Saint Sony4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Heh... hehe...hehehehe...heeehehehehe bwahahahahahahaa!

Xeoset4205d ago

This game is going to throw the 360's Sales forward the PS3 won't be able to catch it.

Add Too Human, BioShock, Eternal Sonata, Fable 2, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Hydrophobia, Assassins Creed, GTA:IV, DMC4, Mass Effect, PGR4, Forza 2, etc for this year alone and sales will only make it more of a gap.

Hopefully MGS4, Lair and Final Fantasy XIII can keep the PS3 afloat.


Anyway, this game is already the biggest of the year and it's not even out for another 7 months. I'd love to see the WorldWide Pre-Order Stats, Europe would most likely equal the America Pre-Order.

Cartesian3D4205d ago

it will sell about 9 million if give good reviews and high rating..

@Xeoset dont start flame war... Ps3 has enough big titles that u dont know even their names.. so stop talikng about console that u havent yet..

Xeoset4205d ago

I'm not going out of my way to start one. Hopefully the people around here that are so dedicated to Sony read this, being tons of them, will realise they sound the same and will give up turning this site into a crap fest.

Cartesian3D4205d ago

sorry .. but if u want say sth... say it complete.. if u say all of 360 games , do alittle search and say all ps3 big titles as well..

and some multiplatform games wont decide any success for one side..

some games u didnt notice:

Killzone Ps3,Uncharted,ratchet and clank,Heavenly sword,warhawk,God of War,Final fantasy VERSUS XIII,Wardevil,NGS,loco roco,HOME,Little big planet ... and sony said they will announce 2 new IP in gamers day...and more games will come from thrid party developers CUZ of EDGE...

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