Music Download Service Coming to Xbox 360

Microsoft ever vigilant in trying to gain part of the fast-growing download for pay structures made popular by iTunes may have a few new tricks up their sleeve coming, to the Xbox 360 this year.

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ben hates you4488d ago

i've been wanting this forever

PS360WII4488d ago

another subscription based feild in MS... and it has to do with music... rrrright okay so this will hardly garner anyone new into the Zune world. People who already own the Zune will like it but no one new really would do that. You'll probably not only have the 15/month but you'll have to buy the song as well. Double trouble. I'm all for competition but I'd like a little better competition than this...

fjtorres4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Do you feel compelled to buy any or all of the movies you watch on HBO or showtime?
Or the songs you listen to on XM or Sirius?
Most people don't.

Comparing a music subscription service to download purchases is like comparing Hertz to Honda. Both are in the transportation business but they don't compete. There is room in the market for both.

Same here; you're talking different demographics, different customers.
Music subscriptions are for exploring music, to listen to things you wouldn't necessarily want to own; it caters to an older, more afluent, more sophisticated customer base than the buck a pop iTunes business.

If you want to complain about this (rumored) service, try seeing how it matches up to the other subscription music services out there (Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo, Aol, Live 365, Music Choice, etc) before. And yes, compared to those other services, $15 a month is a bit steep--$10 is the going radio for streaming-only services. But if (big if) those $15 a month let you feed a portable player as well as stream audio, all without a PC anywhere in the loop, now *that* would change the game, wouldn't it? It would make $15 a month a bargain and open up entire new customer demographics to digital music *and* the 360. Namely the 50% of households that *don't* have PCs.
This is about going after mainstream, non-gaming customers and finding new ways to pressure Sony, whose online music efforts have resulted in an unmitigated disaster of near-biblical proportions. ;-)

Its way too early to give this a thumbs up or down; there is an ongoing industry-wide initiative to create a standard platform for feeding DAPs without a PC and MS in right smack in the middle of it, providing the bulk of the tech. A 360-based application of that tech is a natural, so this report would appear to have *some* meat to it, but just because MS has the means to do it and is considering doing it, doesn't mean they will.

We'll just have to wait and see what the *fall* dashboard update brings. ;-)

PS360WII4488d ago

I was looking at this service more in the lines of iTunes than satilite radio. If it's more like iTunes then a subscription for this would be redundant seeing that iTunes is a heavily populated with music, videos, TV shows, movies, games, and podcasts. Plus not only is there no subscription fee but it's a free download as well.

But if this service is more like a satilite radio then for sure I would deffinatily agree that a subscription would be needed and would help it run smoother.

Kind of a cheap shot with this statement though: "it caters to an older, more afluent, more sophisticated customer base than the buck a pop iTunes business" I do believe those people use iTunes as well. Heh couldn't help it

Black Republican4488d ago

I think this will not have too much success.

Most ppl have all their music on their pc, and the x360 streams music from the pc, so the only way i see some success is maybe with ppl who don't have pcs.

I don't know
all I know is that I use torrents and music sharing programs and I can stream all my music through pc - xbox360