Rumor Smash: Sega Denies Vintage Screens

The screenshots from a Dutch site SegaOnline that depict the "Sega Vintage Collection" for the Xbox LIVE Arcade are proven to be fake. What gave it away was written at the bottom:


What the heck does that mean?! Kotaku contacted Sega, who replied, "Nope they didn't come from us, that's for sure. Thanks for checking." There you have it. These screens are apparently fake, not from Sega, and this rumor is smashed.

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donscrillinger4482d ago

thats gay i already told some peeps about this we want this to be ture .uggg, the og sonic.streets of rage ,vectorman,kid camilionwhat about strider ,shinobi

_insane_cobra4482d ago

However, in comments on Kotaku people with access to Partnernet have confirmed that the game is really there, and while the screens look a little different, the text really says "ALL THE RIGHTS MOVE".