Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Fixes Some VGA & Wireless Issues

The new Xbox 360 Spring Dashboard Update fixed some glaring issues with both VGA and the Wireless Network Adapter. On the VGA front, you can now select the video Reference Levels in the System Blade. No more washed out colors of soft pictures with this fix. For the Wireless Networking Adapter, you can now connect to a wireless network that is using WPA + WPA2 encryption. The official wireless networking adapter still does not support WPA2, but it allows you to connect in the presence of this encryption standard.

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4183d ago
Stormflood4183d ago

The VGA colour fix is the best news I've heard regarding the update. Thanks MS.

Sexius Maximus4183d ago

I never thought I had washed out colours anyway with the VGA, but the update made it go from gorgeous, too phenomenally gorgeous.