2-D to 3-D: A Tale of Two Dimensions

IGN posted an article about how every few years, advancements in technology revolutionize how we view and interact with the modern world. TV was colorized, mobile phones became commonplace, and iPods have all but made CD players obsolete. But for gamers, one of the most earth-shattering changes occurred just over a decade ago when established games series were thrust into the third dimension. Some games transitioned smoothly, while others were seemingly dragged kicking and screaming.

With recent games such as Crush and Super Paper Mario blurring the line between 2-D and 3-D (or, in some cases, making the divide even more evident), it got IGN's mental gears grinding regarding the transition developers and gamers alike have had to grapple with as games transitioned between these two dimensions. Elements everyone has taken for granted in the paper-flat plains of 2-D often pose unique and unforeseen problems when ported to 3-D.

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