Bomberman Confirmed for Live?

In what seems to be a routine, another Xbox Live Arcade title has been revealed thanks to a ratings board, The Office of Film & Literature is the culprit this time. As can be seen in this link, Bomberman for Xbox Live Arcade has been given the green light, so we can expect to see this game on the Xbox Live Marketplace pretty soon I'm guessing.

Surely this game will feature online support, which will be a blast; not to mention that it's fantastic to have our little ninja looking dude back into his original form after that last disaster that was Act Zero.

400 points = Good, 800 points = Bad

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CyberSentinel4207d ago

I can't wait. Hope they include both co-op and competitive online modes.

Xeoset4207d ago



I can barely pay for Retail Games becuase there are so many awesome ones coming out, not this huge explosion of Arcade Releases and Announcements are putting strain on my wallet.

Ban Me4207d ago

Haha, agreed... I think I've spent a lot more time playing arcade games lately too. That's no bad reflection on my retail games mind you.

Anyway, this is great news... always loved Bomberman!

predator4207d ago

Cant wait for this if its true

DirtyRat4207d ago

man this game was so addictive, a welcome return!

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