HOME Beta User-submitted Video

Follow the link for the first video of Playstation 3's Home from the closed beta testing.

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Nav14274d ago

lol walking is boring.

Oh watch out for that last step. lol

Where are the girls??

QuackPot4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

For those who have absolutely no vision or imagination let me explain:

* if done right Sony could create numerous THEMED homes eg, set in the future, on a fantasy world, a city from a Movie, on the plains of Africa, back in historic or prehistoric times. Various creatures and animals can also be added eg. T-Rex in a prehistoric themed HOME or elephants, giraffes etc in Africa HOME.

* a multitude of functionality can be added eg, running, jumping, fighting, grabbing etc. In a prehistoric themed HOME you could go T-Rex hunting or simply go out on safari nature watching or play chicken with the wild life.

* whole communities, towns and cities can be created with streets, parks, and various buildings. There could be land you can buy to build you own dream home on with gardens - and show off, of course. Of course, decorate the inside expressing your personality.

* you could use cruise the streets on foot or vehicle, checking out all the numerous user-created homes & gardens or drop into a various cafes to meet different people or check out someone's business or hobbie shop to see what they have to sell or are into.

* they could make is so sim like that you will have the freedom to either stick to the rules of the cyber-community or be a rebel with a cause. Sneaking in some illegal street racing with fully customizable and functional cars in a Blade Runner themed HOME taking on users who have volunteered or been paid net credits to be Cops. Oh, yeah. I wanna be a boy in blue catching those hoons and giving out some serious net justice.

* in short, this could the start of something that could be huge - HUGE - whether free or not.

If you have an open mind and have an imagination you will know this to be true. So come on Sony, make it happen before Micro$oft copies like they always do.

Bring on the Home and the multitude of homes to follow. I'm looking forward to building a small bungalow in the jungle of a Jurasic themed HOME with a family of T-Rexes and other nasty critters in the back yard. That'll certainly make things interesting when visiting my neighbours. Now, where did I put my sneakers? LOL.

Saint Sony4274d ago

Yeah, where the hell are all the girls?.. I guess PS3 needs Viva Pinata and several other girly titles ;)

Sorry, no boobs for PS3.

Camster674274d ago

Nontheless, pretty cool vid.

BitbyDeath4274d ago

Girls don't come with the Beta lol

It was only a matter of time til a vid was leaked from this

TriggerHappy4274d ago

there are two videos submitted. only one is posted at the source

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The story is too old to be commented.