Quarterly Report: N. American Q1 Console War

Each of the new-gen systems saw a release (or two) that provided incentive to own each system. The 360 saw big sellers in the form of Lost Planet (Capcom) and Crackdown (Microsoft Game Studios) keeping weekly hardware sales in the area of 60,000 to 70,000 units until the last third of the quarter.

Nintendo released Warioware: Smooth Moves (Nintendo) and Wii Play (Nintendo) which, despite the less than positive reviews for Wii Play, both sold very well. Nintendo started the year off strong with hardware sales landing between 90,000 and 100,000 units a week which also decreased only during the last third of the quarter.

Finally, the PS3 saw its biggest seller in the form of Motorstorm (SCEA). Virtua Fighter 5 (Sega), despite all the great reviews, failed to sell noticeably more than some of the other generic releases. Most likely still due to the price tag and consumers still waiting for that "must have" title, hardware sales remain comparably lower with 45,000 to 55,000 PS3 units sold per week earlier in the quarter, then dropping and staying consistent at roughly 32, 000 units per week for the second half of the quarter.

Please read on for the rest of the analysis.

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NextGen24Gamer4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Nintendo and Microsoft is doing really good. I would have thought that the highly touted Motorstorm would have helped the ps3 sales...I guess not. Maybe Lair or Heavenly sword will...I guess we'll see. I still think a price drop is the only thing that will help bolster the ps3 sales. The xbox 360 individual game sales dominated the top ten for the quarter as well. Interesting since we are still in the Wii and the Ps3's launch window.

BTW...Command and Conquer is absolutely fantastic folks. If you have an xbox 360 and enjoy strategy games....PICK IT UP.

I'm curious what the release of the 360 Elite and Forza 2 and Shadow Run later this month will do for the already stellar 360 sales.

techie4184d ago

Elites bread and butter this is

Saint Sony4184d ago (Edited 4184d ago )

Wow, look at xbox360 3rd party.. that's pretty cool. This only means there will be loads of more 3rd party games coming up soon, seems to sell really good.

SpinalRemains1384184d ago

Its just that 90% of xbox games are 3rd party. Thats why the numbers are so high

Kuest4184d ago

makes sense. Although, one could say that the 360 sold the way it did because of its already large consumer base, which allows for greater word-of-mouth. Still, can't deny the power of LP and Crackdown, which you probably wouldn't understand if you only read the reviews. (well... maybe not so for LP)

Covenant4184d ago

Let me sum up the forthcoming fanboy flame-wars so as to get it out of the way and allow those of us with something intelligent to say to speak:

Fanboy (360, PS3 or Wii): Blah blah blah Xbots blah blah blah Pay$tation sucks blah blah blah Gamecube 1.5 blah blah blah I have no life blah blah blah...

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The story is too old to be commented.