Midway's Steven Allison describes good games as "male fantasies"

Steve Allison is the guy gamers who like good games should be afraid of. He is the money man, and he has some scary thoughts about making games.

"A great game is one that is a financial success, period," he says. That's his metric, and he's sticking to it. This is the call of the money man. He wants to make money. If he can do it with a good game, great. If not, he doesn't care about shipping bad product as long as sells.

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VirtualGamer4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Steve Allision is right. For big budget games costing $25 million to make your not going to try something radically different if you do then you most likely will be flushing money down the drain. That's just being smart as a business and dispite the fact that gamers look at games from a purist perspective of that money should not matter, its about creating something new and unique, its just not reality on that scale.

The author suggest that we should look to the Wii, PC and DS for innovation since they can produce smaller budget games then one can on the 360 or the PS3. I guess he forgot about Flow for the PS3? Sony is allowing much smaller teams and even individuals to come up with new and innovative games that cost little to make and the cool thing is that when one is made and it does become a hit it can then be adopted into bigger production games because its been proven to be a hit with gamers. So while nex gen gaming has become more expensive to create big title games its also allowing for innovation in creating smaller unique downloadable games over the PSN.

Sorry that I did not say anything about the 360, I believe they have something similar with XNA but I am not as familar with it to talk about it but I believe its similar as well to what Sony is doing. In any event I think this nex gen of gaming platforms are also providing powerful gaming platforms to grass root teams to create and innovate the industy so I am not really worried.

marison4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

There are a XNA conquest which 4 games were concluded in only 4 days! One of them a RPG with good looking graphics!

Google for it! Not in N4G by a quick search.

I'm a somewhat of a game developer (synapsis rusted by two years already) that till now didn't have finished my greater game (if launched on the time I have initiate the development). See my profile for more details.

bootsielon4206d ago

Okami, Viewtiful Joe and God Hand come to mind. Those were great games, but it seems that casuals sometimes want recycled bullshit like madden and movie franchises.

Steven Allison is a moron if he thinks good means breaking even. You know, pop stars make more money than classical orchestras. I'm sure you consider pop music better than classical or jazz music because it sells more, or am I wrong you piece of shiit?.