Microsoft Flies A Blimp Into Second Life

Mysterious news on the Millions of Us blog this evening: it seems there's now a Microsoft island in the virtual world of Second Life.

At least, that's what the »teleport link« in the blog entry implies. And indeed, Microsoft has a build set up on its island devoted to Visual Studio - though it's not clear what the rest of the island is for. And then there's the blimp, which Millions of Us clearly wants us to be interested in, especially judging from the teaser video. It's a pretty nice blimp, actually - although if you get too close to it, it first gives you a security warning, and then teleports you to your home location!

More will be revealed at a launch event at 6pm SL Time (9pm Eastern) on Thursday, 10 May. Until then, it's interesting to note Microsoft's presence in Second Life.

Various people from Microsoft initiatives like Channel 9 have set up shop in Second Life, and a mad Microsoft marketer chose some interesting spots to make the launch of Vista, but 3pointD think this may be the first big Microsoft presence in SL. Hard to tell what it means coming out of such a sprawling company, but it will be interesting to watch. Especially if there's something good in that blimp.

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kingofps34486d ago (Edited 4486d ago ) why would Microsoft setup a big island in Second Life? Could be a shot at Sony, who's soon lunching PLAYSTATION Home. Maybe they are experimenting around with virtual worlds... I see Xbox Live prices going up soon.

Edit: @ ericbs (below) You know, Microsoft, they don't give a f*ck about their own customers. Look how merciless they murdered the original Xbox. F*cking around with broken 360 consoles when owners call Xbox support. Making over-heating and noisy machines. Hence, I see, Microsoft f*cking with Live users, which they are doing by charging $50 for something which Sony now does better and for free.

ericbs4486d ago

If they are going to be competing with home, they would drop the price of live, not raise it...

DrRage774486d ago

if they are experimenting on a similar experience like Home, they are not going to raise prices on Xbox Live, that is kind of a ridiculous assumption. i can make the same assumption about Playstation Home, that when it launches, they will actually charge for every litle feature on Home, or even have a base charge just to start up an avatar....yes, i know sony's online network is free (for now), but then again, when was the last time sony said something and it actually turned out to be 100% accurate?

marison4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

That's really a question because I could not understand, yet. One guy tell me to try Second Life...

I could only stay for 5 minutes.

I knew that Home will be much more appealing, will have better graphics, but I really have to understand... Maybe, someday.

I have to show my wife Second Life, too. She like so much The Sims and Instant Messaging. Maybe, for her...

Give a try! What one guy that will like live in a cave could appreciate one Home?

Andronix4486d ago

Microsoft didnt seem too keen on PlayStation Home. But they have bought a big island in Second Life, which indicates that at the very least it's an advertising opportunity, but more likely they see a real future in this type of virtual world.

User's at present are relatively small in comparison to World of Warcraft. I guess one advantage of the PS Home is that its free. But give it time and maybe more and more non-hardcore gamers will be spending time in virtual worlds.

See you online!

Bathyj4486d ago

Am I understanding this right? M$ should worry less about Sonys business and worry more about M$'s business.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4486d ago

Its clear that MS business is doing better than Sony's business, so its Sony that needs to worry not MS (MS is kicking PS3s A$$)

Bathyj4486d ago

You make me embarrassed my name is Jason.

Sony packs so much tech into their box the closest you get get to one is mocking it, and you call them Last Gen.

So far as I can tell M$'s biggest advantage comes directly from the fact they were the first to lose last gen and had to ditch XB1. Good news for you. When they abandon their hardware first again this gen, they'll have the advantage again, next gen. Then you'll be happy......right?