Teamxbox tests Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3

The rumored difficulty in designing games for the Playstation 3 leads us to believe that adjusting things in Unreal Tournament 3 for the more facile 360 should be a piece of cake for the UE3 brainiacs. Although words on the street can be wrong, Teamxbox are going to go with the "word" for now that Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 will mirror Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360.

With that said, and with the lack of a playable Unreal Tournament 3 for the Xbox 360 floating about, Teamxbox took the time to visit our competition's booth at GDC. Sony's booth was bustling with activity, as those unfamiliar with the PS3 wanted to try out the few demos that the electronics giant had playable in their plush nook of the Moscone Center. One of these playables was, of course, Unreal Tournament 3, but at this time, Teamxbox will just call it "Unreal Engine 3.0 Demo" as it was labeled.

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tony4207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

good,fair and balanced.the xbox 360 and the ps3 are great consoles. great games are going to be in both .is going to be a great year for gamers , i think and hope.

Violater4207d ago

Nash looked really messed up in HD, looked like his nose got bit off.

timmyp534207d ago

i prefer the playstation controller over the xbox... i dont know y.. im so accustomed to it... very comfy.

marison4207d ago

I only have tried to correct the original title after some good reports.

marison4207d ago

that not too much fanboy (on this preview, at least)!

Way to go...

Bonsai12144207d ago

the guys say it doesn't look at aesthetically pleasing at GeOW..

still picking this one up though. lord knows i've had enough fun playing instagib with my friends throughout high school

nice find

Arkham4207d ago

That's because you're not generally going to get the same amount of detail with a first-person shooter on the scale of UT than you would with the reduced focus of a third-person shooter like Gears.

shysun4206d ago

The levels are huge in UT2007 and they have plenty of vehicles. That's why it wont be as detailed as's called a trade off.;)

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The story is too old to be commented.