Xbox 360, Wii fall to Asian piracy, PS3 resisting got a tip from one of their friends in Southeast Asia that gave them an idea of how the darker side of the console war is being waged there. It currently looks to be a square-off between the Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360 in the pirate market.

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TriggerHappy4180d ago

but also it will give the 360 the advantage in terms of hardware, since it has been hacked or whatever, gamers will want to get that to play their pirated games.

NikV34180d ago

less software sales, and that adds up alot quicker than you think

techie4180d ago

"less software sales, and that adds up alot quicker than you think"

who's that going to matter to? Xbox's have the highest software attachment of any console...they are hugely disproportionate

Satanas4180d ago

"Blu-ray is giving our suppliers trouble, so you might have to wait until next year."

TriggerHappy4180d ago

with this OS allowed on the ps3, we might see an exploit this year however that is very unlikey though, RSX is a very strong contender. It will be hacked , but just not now. Nothing last for ever, well except Chuck Norris

Bathyj4180d ago

Even when it does eventually get cracked its going to cost much more for these smaller operations to print pirated BR disc. Piracy will be a much smaller problem on BR. Most likely they will chip the PS3 and try to burn games onto DVD but obviously only when they fit, which will be hardly ever. This is good news and further vindication for the use of BluRay.

ITR4180d ago

It won't take long.

I buy pirated anime and it only costs me about $5 bucks a disc from China shipping included.

You can already DL most of the HD and BR movies on torrents.

I give it 6-8 months.

JDW4180d ago

........and i have never bought a legitimate game for any of them.

Converted to US Dollars my 360 games cost $3, Wii games cost $2.50 and my PS" games cost $1. As for my DS, well i download my games and use RF.

QuackPot4179d ago

If everyone were scabs then games development would stop.

Pirates...thieves....the low-lifes of this industry.

hongthay4180d ago

definitely help Wii sales here in Thailand, but the Xbox 360 still has a very bad reputation here. Xbox 360 games have been pirated since February of 2006. And the Wii was pirated about a week after it came out. I have both a Wii and a PS3 here. My PS3 games cost about $70 US, because they are imported. Copies of Wii games cost less than $2 US. I only have 3 games for my PS3, mostly because their are only 3 good games. But, I am more willing to buy games for my Wii since they cost next to nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.