Is Wii less powerful than Xbox One? N'Gai investigates

Last week in an interview with eWeek, Microsoft's president of Entertainment and Devices division Robbie Bach made the claim that the Nintendo Wii "[doesn't] have the graphics horsepower that even Xbox 1 had."

Is the Nintendo Wii, with or without duct tape, less powerful than the original Xbox? Newsweek's N'Gai Croal decided to investigate by talking to "two of our most reliable technical experts at third party publishers" speaking under the condition anonymity.

The article therein is a very technical discussion on fixed function shaders, pixels and vertexes, and ultimately concludes that the GameCube 1.5 moniker isn't far off from the truth, though said one source, "keep in mind that the Wii's GPU is not as fast or feature rich as the Xbox 360 or PS3, but that doesn't mean you can't get very close results." And of course, given the hardware sales we've seen since the console's launch, how much does supreme technical prowess really matter to Nintendo?

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Pheneus4486d ago

what happens in the upcoming year or two. Games like Mario Galaxy and Metroid look at least as good as Ninja Gaiden and Halo respectively. Hopefully Nintendo can show what the system is capable of and shame some devs into actually trying to make a nice looking game.

TriggerHappy4486d ago

even matter ? am yet to see anything on the wii that looks as good as any xbox 1 game released.

snoop_dizzle4486d ago

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

For last gen, it looked pretty good on the xbox.

ITR4486d ago

Metroid 3 during it's tech demo looked as good as Halo2.

From Gamepro:
"The controls feel solid and precise," and that, "The graphics have had a huge overhaul since E3 -- vastly better than games like Halo 2".

That doesn't sound like GC graphics.

TriggerHappy4486d ago

looked great, i saw the tech demo also but like i said, as of right now, i have not seen any wii game that has been released that put any xbox 1 game to shame. When metroid prime is released, it will at best look like Halo 1 for the pc or just a little better than Halo 1 but no where near halo 2.

No am not a halo fun but i feel as though your comparison is unfail

BitbyDeath4486d ago

I thought it was still competeing with the graphics of the Gamecube? It's still far off from PS2 & Xbox

Go Nintendo Wii!

Honeal2g4486d ago

In terms of graphics wasn't ps2 last on the list....not slamming anyone just "discussing" i thought xbox was superior then gamecube followed by ps2 and Nintendo's reluctance(if thats a word) to embrace third party support is really the reason why it wasnt obvious that gamecube was superior? obviously ps2 took a dump on the competition(sales wise) but still just curious. Come to think about it Resident Evil 4 was amazing and looked better on the cube than the ps2 ..IMO

BitbyDeath4486d ago (Edited 4486d ago )

Yeah it's meant to be but then when you got games like Shadow of Colluses, God of War 2, FF12 etc they raised the stakes so i don't know where it finished at. God of War 2 is one of the closest games to nextgen i have seen on any of the older gen consoles

candystop4486d ago

GOW2 did look marvelous on PS2 but still didn't come anywhere close to the Xbox's graphics! Riddick, Chaos Theory, unreal, and even oddworld and Halflife 2 looked way better!

techie4486d ago

You know I bet Wii owners are p*ssed. Because Resi 4 looked incredible on the Gamecube, yet devs so far seem to patronise it. It's gpu is quite a bit stronger than the gamecube. I just dont understand.

SmokeyMcBear4486d ago

can't you play gamecube games on the wii?

techie4486d ago

yup. But new games havent even tried.

And also since you can, I'm miffed why they are remaking some of them

Honeal2g4486d ago

you can use the gimmicky controller no offesnse its the truth... obviously thats my opinion dont get me wrong i;ll be playin smash just not with that terrible controller

ITR4486d ago

I love speculation.

Nintendo has never released spec for spec data on the CPU or GPU.

I like how they compare it to an Invidia when it should be compared to an ATi GPU.

Source? Some tech guy's. Did he run a benchmark or something?

It wasn't but a few months ago some Tech guy said, that the resolution is locked by the software not by the hardware.

So everyone is just speculating.

Scarface Wii Interview by IGN:
"IGN: Graphically speaking, what changes were made when going from version to version? Is Scarface a direct port of either the Xbox version or the PS2? What was added/removed when bringing the game over on a graphical standpoint?

Thomas: We've overhauled the graphics engine to get the most out of the Wii. In a lot of ways the Wii edition of Scarface visually outperforms the PS2 and Xbox versions."

So if the Wii out sells the 360 by yr end will we hear an article about how the Cube 1.5 stole the show from MS?

Who knows.

But I do believe the Wii will sell 10 million units by yr end.
VGcharts is showing 6.92 million +-.

NikV34486d ago

you beat me to the sales point

techie4486d ago

is that what it says. 6.92 million PLUS? That's nearly as bad as Mart's "between 6 and 7 average"

On the whole though I agree with you.

ITR4486d ago

Thats what VGCharts is reporting.

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