Third Party Game Shares Take a Dip

Shares for US-based third party game publishers dipped today as investors became cautious following Electronic Arts' rather disappointing quarterly financials.

Electronic Arts closed down 4.3 percent to $50.65 on the Nasdaq stock exchange today after the company reported a drop in fourth quarter revenues of 4 percent to $613 million.

EA's star game Spore was also pushed beyond the current fiscal year, which ends in March 2008.

Competing game publishers followed suit to varying extents. Take-Two Interactive stock closed down 1.9 percent to $19.58; Midway Games stock fell 1.5 percent to $7.02; THQ stock fell 0.5 percent to $34.77; Atari stock fell 2.2 percent to $3.55; and Activision stock fell just 0.3 percent to $20.12.

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