Forza 2 Demo Coming 2AM EST Tonight

GamingTalkHQ Is reporting according to the post on the Forza2 Forums "The Forza 2 demo will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace at 2AM EST tonight."


UPDATE:It Appears Che Chou made a mistake he corrected himself it will be 2AMPST, NOT 2AMEST. So thats 4amct,5et.

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God of Gaming4178d ago

What a day, Double Dragon remake.. dashboard update and a Forza 2 demo? Nice!

triniwi4178d ago

Just to let you all know

Hectic_Kris4178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

what time is 2AM EST in british time i wana play this demo now tired of them pissin about cant they just realese the game

Bonsai12144178d ago

2AM EST is 5AM in london.

who wants to put money down (or bubbles) that tomorrow we get a slew of GTHD vs Forza 2 comparison? haha

should be nice. i might run over to my friends house tomorrow to get a glimpse of it

sajj3164178d ago

Isn't 2 AM EST ... 7 AM GMT? There is a 5 hour between US-East coast and England.

Leathersoup4178d ago

Let the Sony people bash Forza 2 demo all they want. I'll be playing Forza 2. :)
The one thing I never understood was if GTHD was so good, why was the Sony crowd arguing about it online instead of playing it.

MySwordIsHeavenly4178d ago

and let's see...

Tomorrow becomes GT vs. Forza...

I still know the winner though...

you should all know who will win...

Hectic_Kris4178d ago

why is it all vs this and vs that man chill out dont buy it if u dont like it?

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The story is too old to be commented.