DRM On a USB Drive: Now Just $29

Just as a reminder, Digital Rights Management was introduced to prevent people from using digital content in ways that its producer didn't approve of. In many instances this means preventing unauthorized copying of MP3s or software.

In reality however, DRM simply amounts to an annoyance for legitimate customers, while those people who weren't planning to buy but pirate, have plenty of ways to hack or crack the copy protection schemes. Luckily more content providers have started to realize this. But not all of them.

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heroicjanitor4907d ago (Edited 4907d ago )

How did such an idiot get to be the ceo of anything? He just doesn't understand a normal person's mindset or questions and ends up cursing, calling him an idiot and saying he isn't talking to him any more...

"you're saying that you believe that X-Plane's copy protection scheme actually works?"

His Reply:
"holy sh1t you are an idiot
where did i ever say, imply, or ever so much as HINT that ANYTHING actually WORKS????????????????????????? ???????????"

Someone please get this guy fired... Please.

Major_Tom4907d ago

These people just don't understand the real world applications of DRM and how it is officially useless in a virtual war they cannot possibly compete in and they're acting as if they can win it out right.

People like this dude screw over legitimate consumers who feel they have no other option but to pirate it because otherwise that just take a big cleveland steamer on your chest.

Nihilism4907d ago

i'd pirate his game just for him being a tool, but it doesn't even sound like it's worth pirating

the gaming developers and publisher really just don't get it.

Trying to discuss it with them is like trying to have a conversation about pro choice with a christian ( bangs head against wall)

Lyzzy4904d ago

When you say you cant be bothered to put a DVD in the drive every time you want to fly? A nocd-Crack? That game is writen for people who are passionate about flying - and usually not about computers, so its a quite passable solution - to those customers, as they can just put a USBstick in the back of the machine and forget about it - my uncle is like that and I'm sure he would love it - if he had to worry about such things with me around.
The game itself is, in my opinion, just great - it tries to actually simulate a plane (unlike M$ Flightsim) and give you tons of options about it - why, they even included an Anime-Fighterjet for the non-serious players like me - with Missiles on board! Such dongle-schemes have been around for decades, try to deal with it - or help the starving developers survive by providing a better model (some people don't want to work with boring stuff but still expect to get paid for their work somehow and sure, Opensource is wonderful, but you can't eat source).
And how is not being able to play the game without some proof of your authentication the evil kind of DRM? Its just normal for commercial software!