Vid-Games: PS3 Versus Xbox360; More War

News from the virtual world:

Although it's much too early to declare a winner in the current console war, it looks like Sony's pricey PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's flashy Xbox 360 may be duking it out for second place behind Nintendo's humbler Wii. The difference between place and show will probably come down to which system has the best games - so, what do game developers think of the higher-end consoles?

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Saint Sony4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Wii = innovative next gen
PS3/360 = hardware next gen

IF selling point is the only thing that matters, then maybe Wii will win.

nice_cuppa4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

there own waggle pad and a game for $60.00 ?

it would then do all things wii does plus more !

what is the price difference between a core 360 and a wii ???

ITR4233d ago

$50 bucks

But then who buys the core sys?

You can also get Wii games at $49 - $29 bucks.

nice_cuppa4233d ago

zelda, wii sports/play, super paper mario !

i admit it doesnt get much use but i kept my cube for resi4 so im keeping my wii (probably for galaxy and the wii resi game)

its just such a poor system !

Kuest4233d ago

That was funny, I'll admit. But, man, don't bagg on the Wii for taking a risk and winning. Its a good product... although that's my opinion (I've always liked Nintendo- even during those *ughh* Gamecube days). Nonetheless, I would think that most developers would opt for the 360 or PS 3, since it "truly" represents next-gen.

Firewire4233d ago

Slow down there people, nobody's won anything yet.
Most 360 & PS3 owners believe the wii,is more fad than anything else!
This war is far from done! The PS3 hasn't even released a heavy hitter
yet & we'll see better games than Gears on the 360. When all 3 systems
sell in more comparable dollar values, then we will know who the winner is.

pmx4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

The real fight is between 360 and PS3
Any one that have a 360 or PS3 can buy a Wii, because is a cheap product. I dont care who will win, i got both. keep fighting you guys , the customers gets the benefits

sak5004232d ago

I agree, hardcore gamers will not be satiated by wii. They'd go with either 360 or ps3 or both. I have 2 360s and once its really worth it down a year or 2 i'll pick up ps3.

Boon Tarkas4232d ago

Don't get me wrong I like Nintendo. Played the Wii at a friends house. However, unless I was 10 again, or really liquored up with friends, the Wii seemed to get really stale in a hurry. The interactivity was far less engaging than say Guitar Hero 2 which I own for the 360. Not only that but everyone at this gathering was hoping I would have brought my 360 over.

No axe to grind, I just would give 5-1 odds that the Wii does not have the staying power to run the lead for another 4-5 years, let alone 2

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