Splinter Cell : Conviction - New Screenshot And First Trailer Dated

The first official Trailer will be making it's debut on spike tv, May 18.

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TriggerHappy4487d ago

Nice. On the 18th, everyone mark their calendars. That is when we finally see this baby in motion

MoonDust4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

Hopefully it's not 100% CGI.

TriggerHappy4487d ago

by now, i think everyone knows that regardless of what UBI soft branch is making a game, if it is multiplatform, chances are that is going to suck. If it is an exclusive like this one, then my friends all is not lost.

power of Green 4487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

The art in this CGI is amazing!. Wouldn't it be great if there were(CGI cut scenes) actual in-engine workings like in SC-DA. No doubt this will help set the next graphical milestone for any console on the market. DA is one of the best looking games i'v seen and this one should improve on all aspects. They should have never made DA as multi platform i'm glad this ones exclusive to the 360 as they have been saying sence they announced it.

hamburgerhill4487d ago

Isn't that around the same time we normally have E3 or am i off a little bit? This game is looking good by the way based on the screen shots so I'm looking forward to seeing this on the 18th in action!

TriggerHappy4487d ago

is today. Last year around this time, the three game heads were releasing information like crazy and the Internet was a very busy place..ahhh those were the days..

ben hates you4487d ago

been meaning to compliment you on your picture, sean connery rocks, one of my top five actors

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