Ten HOME beta trial spaces for three speech regulars

ten spaces for Three Speech regulars on the second phase of the Home beta trial, which is due to start later in the summer....

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TriggerHappy4489d ago

Live in the US , already had an invitation..

BitbyDeath4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

Another kick in the nuts for us Aussies
First USA get it and now EU get it... whoooray

ben hates you4489d ago (Edited 4489d ago )

XBL vs. home


Many online multiplayer games with new content

Live anywhere playing pc vs. xbox360

Access too many downloads

Contest to win prizes

Access to 60+ arcade games

Down-50-dollars a year with free live game and headset

Achievements to compare with friends, easy to view simple achievements

Windows messenger

Reputation ratings

Better 3rd party support for online gaming

Avatars- just picture and few other things


Positive free

Unfortunately most big exclusive great games single player MGS, final fantasy XIII, god of war, heavenly sword

Home {not a service a game} avatars 3d myspace it’s been called, houses, social life, purchase items, hall of fame with trophies{personally with this I find it harder to get many trophies without having to many}

Down advertisement meant to be big part, Sony stated they would “like” to keep it free

Access to arcade games growing in numbers+ psone games

Web browser

PSN store growing with content with sony more ability to supply music and movies

You may disagree and want to add more info but this is what I think of the two

Mishmash194489d ago

How do you register for GAP? What site do you go to and where do you sign up for it? I have a PSN account and playstation underground account and got no invite to the beta. Everyone keeps talking about GAP eery forum and site and I do not where it is. Anyone help??? Thanks.

PlayStation3604488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

I heard its random invite. And to better your chances of being invited, you should update your account accordingly.