Zero Punctuation: Tales of Monkey Island

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Tales of Monkey Island.

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Lucreto5409d ago

I'm Irish and I resent that poor accent.

Qazdaz5409d ago

It's completely awful but so funny.

SpoonyRedMage5409d ago

I'm surprised he didn't attack it for being on the Wii or blaming it's quality on the fact that it's on the Wii.

Mahr5409d ago (Edited 5409d ago )

Why is that surprising? He played the PC version; it's doubtful he even knows there's a Wii version and probably wouldn't touch it even if he did.

SpoonyRedMage5409d ago

He really, really, really, really hates the Wii to an irrational degree. He even hates games like Madworld because they're on the Wii.

Mahr5409d ago (Edited 5409d ago )

Which is probably why he played the PC version. Why would he mention a port that he hasn't played and likely isn't even aware of?

peeps5409d ago

indeed. he's prob actually trying to leave the wii out of things after his last few rants haha entertaining as always including the terrible accent

Quadrix5409d ago

If you read his Extra Punctuation article regarding 2D games, he actually praises Nintendo and the Wii.

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