The PS3 Slim Loads Game(s) Faster with Firmware 3.0 writes: In videos from last weekend, we learned that the PS3 fat boots itself faster than the Slim, but the Slim had the edge when it came to loading games. Now with new firmware 3.0, the Slim loads games even faster.

In this demonstration, conducted by the same source as the original testing, we see the PS3 Slim (firmware 2.8) load Uncharted: Drake's Fortune against the PS3 Slim (firmware 3.0). The difference is considerable (you know, for adjustments to software alone), and we don't see why most other games wouldn't encounter similar loading improvements.

That's gravy.

Of course, whether or not the Slim is booting or loading Blu-ray movies with less delay than before is yet unmeasured (so you may have gravy without the meat and potatoes). But given that the most annoying wait times revolve around game load times, let's just call the Slim the overall winner and be done with it (well, technically gravy can't shouldn't be the most vital part of any meal, so maybe this metaphor isn't working out). [Thanks Eric!]

UPDATE: Blu-ray loading is faster, too.

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Cajun Chicken4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

That's interesting, but I'd like to see a fat comparison with the slim loading Uncharted up at the same time. It could just be Firmware 3.0 doing this.

Parapraxis4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Something like this? (check page 3 of the article)

It looks like the Slim loads games faster. Period. It's not necessarily due to the FW update.

3sq4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Just gimme my 2.80 firmware backkkkkkk.

Edit: 3.00 sucks monkeyballs.

Raoh4470d ago

I'm having no problems with 3.0 either.. i like it too, the Afrika theme is also pretty cool.

raztad4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

I like too actually. I like the bigger fonts. Everything feels better and faster. Quite happy with it.

It's pretty good the game loading is confirming my suspicion that in fact 3.0 got a major internal change. I would like to see the same comparison but for fat ps3 :)

Szarky4470d ago

No love for

If you check the official US PS forums or the PS blog there's a sh!t storm going on. People hate it(majority of people).

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darthv724470d ago

Has it been stated that the slim is using the exact same drive as the fat or could it be the performance increase is due to a newer bdrom drive?

raztad4470d ago

You are missing the point. This is not a comparison between a Fat and the slim PS3. Both are PS3 slims with different firmware versions (2.80 and 3.0)