New high-quality Okamiden scan

A second high-quality scan of Okamiden has been released from Famitsu, which features Sakuya and Chibiterasu.

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SpoonyRedMage5433d ago

I know the game's getting a lot of hate but I think it looks nice. Definitely going to get it.

Of course my DSi is my favourite system.

RealityCheck5433d ago

I love Okami, played it on the PS2 and then again on the Wii.

I wished they would have at least brought it on the Wii so we could have graphics at least as good as the original game and also so we could use the nunchunk for movement. Either it won't be real 3D and therefore not like the original gameplay or else the movement\platforming will be awkward.

SpoonyRedMage5433d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

Well if they choose to go for a KH 358/2 Days style set up it won't be a problem as the touch screen can compensate for lack of analog control.

ALso the screenshots look 3D and contrary to popular belief developers worked out how to do 3D DS games properly quite a long time ago.

RealityCheck5432d ago

I'll definitely try it and do my best to enjoy it but my expectations are lowered now that it is on the DS. So far the DS games I have enjoyed all have have been 2D ones; I can't remember a decent 3D one (and no I haven't tried 358/2 yet because it isn't out here).

Ninji5433d ago

I knew Capcom would ruin it. This will be just like Crash Bandicoot after Naughty Dog stopped making it.

Redempteur5432d ago

care to elaborate ?
because what you said make no sense ..
what was ruined again ? the fact that they decided to make another okami besides the poor sales ?

Or the simple fact that they kept the art style from the original game ?
And the same setting by the way ...

Ps: why the criticssince you know NOTHING ABOUT the new game ? SO tell me HOW IS OKAMI RUINED ????

All this hate on okamiden is the most stupid thing i've read this week .

MajestieBeast5433d ago

Lets put it on a 4 inch screen instead of a normal 32 inch+ why would we do that.

TruthbeTold5433d ago

it can sell better than it has in the past, when they've given people the chance to buy it on console?

SpoonyRedMage5433d ago

And as pointed out below the Celestial Brush works better on the DS than any other system.

Cheaper development costs so it might actually, you know, not flop...

RedPawn5432d ago (Edited 5432d ago )

1st I agree whole heartedly
2nd nobody is saying put it on the PS3.
3rd, THE FIRST ONE is a classic, WE DON'T know if this ONE IS GOOD yet, but i'm very excited.
4th I garantee I can play this extremel very good on the PS2, and Wii.
5th, for christ sake show the Wii some love man.
6th, sales, smells just because it's the DS doesn't mean it will get the reception you think it should get. The 1st game did fine across 2 platforms, some of you never account for release time, and disintrest from customers who are only catered by 1st party Nin.

Let's just hope 4 A GOOD GAMEkn

PS360WII5433d ago

Looking good. Capcom will make sure it holds true to the name Okami and the DS will help. Think how easy that celestial brush will work :) heck it could even have trickery puzzles because of that!

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This listicle presents five classic PS2 games that are worthy of being resurrected for a PS4 exclusive game release, which was last week in a tweet.

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LightDiego3407d ago

Okami it's one of my favorite games ever, but i really don't see another game from the series coming. Looks like they used a lot of Japanese myths on the first game, or am i wrong? What else could it be for a sequel?
It really makes me sad how the game had poor sales, it's a masterpiece in every sense.

bouzebbal3407d ago

Maximo, Dark Cloud, Onimusha, Grandia would be VERY welcome.

DawginTow13407d ago

Hmm, Grandia reminds me of Dreamcast, which reminds me of Skies of Arcadia, which reminds me of MAKE IT! Remake/remaster, as long as it comes out, it's all good. Btw, a remake or a nu-gen reinterpretation announcement would make my jaw fall off; little to no chance of that tho, right? :(

& yeah, not ps2, but still want it.

GameBoyColor3407d ago

I feel that with level-5s popularity, a rogue galaxy 2 would be a really big hit.

GribbleGrunger3407d ago

I'd sooner have DQ8. I liked Rogue galaxy but always felt it meandered a tad too much.

EdMcGlone3405d ago

Love RG, but Dark Cloud has a better chance and even that's a longshot.

EvilWay3407d ago

Honestly any exclusive will be big to the PS4 since it is severely lacking in that department.

Don't tell me it has exclusives because other than BloodBorne, Persona 5, Uncharted, and Horizon nothing has been announced. Sony has taken a big hit in the financial department how much is and will that effect them this generation when it comes to game is unknown.

PS4 is way beyond in the new ip department as well. The best exclusive so far on the console is a remaster like come on people stop defending Sony and start demanding more fronm them instead of defending the mediocrity that is PSN, which goes down once a week for mainttance and/or updating th store.

Let me be clear I like my PS4 but I want more and am not happy with what they have given us so far and want to see both consoles do well. I wanted BloodBorne and Uncharted as of now and that is the only reason I bought the console, if it wasn't for those two games I would not own the system at all.

I know a lot of people are blind to this and think Sony is the savior to gaming and the PS4 is superior console and that very well might be and you have the right to have that opinion but start demanding more from them instead of attacking people who disagree with Sony

PS4isKing_823407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

Nothing has been announced?

Just a few first and third party exclusives currently released and coming soon.

Guilty gear XRD
Akiba strip
Moto gp 15
Persona 5
Final fantasy X/X-2 HD
Dragon quest heroes
Street fighter 5
Ultra street fighter 4
One piece pirate warriors 3
Omega quintet
The order 1886
Mlb the show 2015
Until dawn
God of war 3 remastered.

In just barely over a year, ps4 had a wide variety of games across all genres and is only getting bigger with each passing day.

Sports, Rpgs, racing, fighting, anime, horror, ps4 has it all.
And with e3 right around the corner, this list is bound to grow.

I'll admit Xbox one had a stronger launch line-up, but it's lagged behind since then.

On topic: How about a new atv off-road fury, sly Cooper, jak and daxter, maximo or SSX? :)

T2X3407d ago

Yeah, I'm getting a little sick of people who keep saying there are no games on the PS4. Just because there may not be a particular type of game or genre some people personally want, they say there's nothing available. Time to grow up kiddies. There is plenty of stuff available right now.