Aion beta key giveaway

NCsoft has stuffed Eurogamer's pockets with 5000 keys to the European Aion open beta.

To claim one, click below. It's not very difficult. But you will need to be a member of the Eurogamer community to take part. Registration is painless (not pointless), but we won't force you.

These keys unlock the European Aion open beta, which begins this Sunday 6th September at around 5pm BST / 6pm CET. Doors close a week later on Sunday 13th September. Please don't reserve a space if you know you won't be able to play, greedy.

The open beta also takes Aion to version 1.5 and boosts the level-cap to 30, which is high enough to get players into the central Abyss zone and have a big old fight with each other.

If you were a part of the Aion closed beta or you have pre-ordered the game you also need not apply, as you gain automatic access to the open testing week. Pre-orders get a headstart on server selection, name choice and eventually the live servers, too.

Aion launches proper on 25th September and will be the biggest MMO released this year. NCsoft has thrown considerable funds at the game taking the East by storm, but whether that success can be replicated here remains to be seen.

Our Aion gamepage has impressions, videos and screenshots to fill in the blanks.

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LoVeRSaMa5382d ago

I clicked the link and the event was over :D

Not to worry, just Ordered Collectors eddition and gain acsess into the beta [=

nick405382d ago

very plase 1 Aion beta key


Aion Guide to Leveling, Kinah and Builds

An overview of how to get started with leveling, making a proper build and earning Kinah in the MMORPG, Aion Online.

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Aion brings a plethora of innovative features to the MMORPG table including flight combat, in-depth character creation and customization, and some of the most intense PvP you'll ever experience in an online world.

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Is Free to Play the future of MMOs?

Let’s face it, Blizzard has no reason to charge us all 10 dollars a month, every other game franchise makes its money on Expansions/Map Packs/DLC/A Game a Year (EA Sports etc), why can’t WoW be like that too? You tell me...

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disturbing_flame4547d ago

It's a modification that will make its proof yes.
When you see Guild wars 2 adopting the free to play you know that it can be a solution.
Now talking about the future, nothing is meant to last forever, so it can be part of the future but not something that will last forever.

zeal0us4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

Good F2P MMOs are the future, generic MMO will just die. I can't see mmos thats not bringing something new to the table or mmos thats not made by well-known companies lasting long.

Some to most P2P MMOs will last only if they are constantly putting out content. If some of the P2P mmos isn't doing anything to compete against the f2p mmos then they will end up dying or converting to f2p.

vortis4546d ago

Yeah F2P is already the future.

After playing a game like Allods what's the point of paying $15 a month for WoW when you get less content, worse graphics and less original gameplay?

Plus, airship PvP battles FTW!

BubloZX4545d ago

I love DC Universe!!! Game is fun and free

CandyCaptain4545d ago

As long as they aren't all f2p, but P2W (Pay to Win)<.< Hate that about the majority of f2p games, and they are so many of them now...

DFresh4545d ago

Just as long as it's not Pay 2 Win then I'm cool with it.

It'll be much better in the long run for gamers because now we can try out more MMOs compared to maybe a few.

There should be an option to try out items before you buy them and ones that you don't want to buy you can level up and earn them that way too.

If there were more expansion packs then that would more then cover the cost of the servers and bring more money to the developer at the same time.

It's a win-win situation.

Here's me hoping SWTOR goes Free 2 Play.


Spenok4544d ago

And thats my biggest problem with F2P MMO's... the majority of them ARE in fact P2W.... Which sucks. If i can find one F2P mmo that i can actually get into that doesnt require me to spend copious amounts of money on them i just may be up for the business model. But so far i have not found one... :/

If you know of any really good ones im always open to trying new games.

DFresh4544d ago

Rusty Hearts and Dragon Nest are pretty cool.

Spenok4544d ago

I have dragon nest installed... havent played it yet however. However Rusty Hearts looked cool but i havent downloaded it yet.

Ill have to try them out. Thanks for the heads up.

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