Aion beta key giveaway

NCsoft has stuffed Eurogamer's pockets with 5000 keys to the European Aion open beta.

To claim one, click below. It's not very difficult. But you will need to be a member of the Eurogamer community to take part. Registration is painless (not pointless), but we won't force you.

These keys unlock the European Aion open beta, which begins this Sunday 6th September at around 5pm BST / 6pm CET. Doors close a week later on Sunday 13th September. Please don't reserve a space if you know you won't be able to play, greedy.

The open beta also takes Aion to version 1.5 and boosts the level-cap to 30, which is high enough to get players into the central Abyss zone and have a big old fight with each other.

If you were a part of the Aion closed beta or you have pre-ordered the game you also need not apply, as you gain automatic access to the open testing week. Pre-orders get a headstart on server selection, name choice and eventually the live servers, too.

Aion launches proper on 25th September and will be the biggest MMO released this year. NCsoft has thrown considerable funds at the game taking the East by storm, but whether that success can be replicated here remains to be seen.

Our Aion gamepage has impressions, videos and screenshots to fill in the blanks.

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LoVeRSaMa4100d ago

I clicked the link and the event was over :D

Not to worry, just Ordered Collectors eddition and gain acsess into the beta [=

nick404100d ago

very plase 1 Aion beta key