Xbox Update: Microsoft gets its act together... sort of

Fair Go:
A few weeks back we told you about some surprising incompetence on Microsoft's part. They were doing the right thing, preventing under 18s accessing "mature content". They just didn't bother telling anybody what they were doing.

Angry xbox users contacted fair go when they suddenly found they couldn't download any material at all from the Xbox website.

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Saaking4409d ago

MS screwing up like always.

WaitStation 34408d ago

Just WAIT a few days Saaking, and you'll be back on.

Rofl. Like ALF would say, I kill me!

wxer4409d ago

microfots fails ....... again

nothing new to see here boys
move along

skeletonss4409d ago

You Guys were that desperate for good news after hearin the slaughter of Sonys game sales this morning?

skeletonss4409d ago

Forgot to wrote sarcasm .

FordGTGuy4408d ago

Is playboy going to have to send a message to all the underage directtv users that they won't be able to see their content? Why don't we just get Captain Obvious do his rounds again.

Sucks that they are having problems with it but they've always seemed to have problems with New Zealands marketplace and I have no idea why. Simply solution tho just create an over 18 account and bam your at the content.

doG_beLIEfs4408d ago

xbox sucks anyway buy a ps3

WaitStation 34408d ago

A great contribution to the subject./s