Halo 2 Vista Version Reviewed by GameDaily

Coupled with the launch of Windows Live!, the highly anticipated Vista version of Halo 2 is set to hit PCs everywhere May 8th.

GD's One Minute Review:
With Games for Windows Live support and a brand-new map editor, Halo 2 will give Vista users a better looking version of Halo 2, but won't necessarily have to upgrade their video cards, since the game won't support DirectX 10. Players will be able to host their own Live game servers to build up achievement points, but will not be able to compete against Xbox users. Those who didn't get the game in 2004 will be in for a big, epic story told from both sides of the battle. Veterans can take in the improved graphics and multiplayer capabilities, featuring the ability to create and share user-made content, including custom game modes. Look for the game for Windows Vista PCs on May 8.

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