Confirmed: Blu-ray to have built-in support for 3D

Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced yesterday plans to build in support for 3D in Blu-ray Disc format.

- "BDA intends to exploit fully the format's high bandwidth and capacity to the top of the 3D experience with the highest possible quality, "said Victor Matsuda, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association Global Promotions Committee, in a statement. He believes the technology will set standards for future 3D display in your home.

BDA is now working on a unified specification for a consistent delivery of 3D content across the Blu-ray Disc platform (BD).

The association is now investigating a number of criteria. As a minimum specification will require the delivery of 1080p resolution to each eye and the backwards compatibility for both discs and players.

This means that the 3D discs also will include a 2D version of the film. This will be played on existing 2D players. At the same time the next 3D players, of course, be able to play today's 2D content.

It is not stated when the BDA expects players with 3D support comes on the market.

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madmonkey05017d ago

Article isnt openening for me.

i assume he is talking about stereo 3D, which would need a a screen with a high enough refresh rate wouldnt it?

it its the anaglyph 3D then its no big deal, any one can do that already, with a dvd player.

hakis865017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

I already copied in the whole article..

Edit: I believe they are referring to 3D movies, and not like on DVD (A journey to the centre of the Earth already has that on the Blu-ray version). The true 3D displays/glasses/whatever way it goes.

Wonder if the PS3 will get updated to support this? I mean they've already showed 3D demos at CES 09...

The Wood5017d ago

monsters vs aliens would of been sh*t without 3d. 3d saved it