Episode Three set in the arctic, Valve hints

From the Article:

"Don't go calling it confirmed, but Valve gave us a very strong hint that Episode Three will be a climactic battle in the arctic when we visited them in Seattle recently.

The battle takes place at the arctic base we see Mossman reporting in from during Episode One, and the battle that takes place there is described in great detail in Valve's Half-Life 2 coffee-table book, Raising the Bar. It was intended to be the climax of Half-Life 2 itself..."

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GameOn4486d ago

i think that could be really cool.
will it come with the 360 version or will it be DLC

Caxtus7504486d ago

yeah thats all well and good but give us episode 2!


BranWheatKillah4485d ago

Wow the arctic? I can't wait to play that 2014 when it is actually released!

Episodic content is a joke coming from Valve. In the time it has taken them to make Episode Two they could have just been working on a new full length Half Life.