Ken Kutaragi - Thanks for the Late Nights

When Ken Kutaragi announced his retirement recently, it seemed the desire for people to score a quick 'gotcha' managed to hide the fact that one of the most important men in the history of gaming had laid aside his analogue sticks.

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TriggerHappy4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

krazy Ken, The gaming world will not be the same ever again.

Pheneus4488d ago

I don't really understand why he is such a great man in the gaming public's eye. He didn't really do anything amazing. Sure the playstation brand has done phenomenal but how much of its success really had anything to do with him and his input? He helped develop two machines that were a nightmare to write code for. Marketing stole Sega's "nintendon't" coolness factor and Sony as a brand and as a huge corporation got the game hookups. I just don't see what he did that was so greatly heralded.

techie4488d ago

he's an amazing engineer and if you think differently you're crazier than Ken.

PS2 did exactly what it had to a growth in the games for the system...creating a game that rivals next-gen games GOW and can't get that kind of growth on any other system...that's why playstations last so long.

Firewire4488d ago

Dude talking smack about Kutaragi-san, just proves you know little about gaming!
The video game industry would be next to nothing without Kutaragi-san!
Pay homage to the man, he is and will always be the father of gaming

Kutaragi-san I salute & thank you!

Adamalicious4488d ago

you really don't know your video gaming history.

bootsielon4488d ago

If you don't understand what he did, you're a dipshi*t. He was the man with the vision of the playstation brand. He made games reach the mainstream by making consoles more than simple toys, as in multimedia hubs. He also made machines with lots of potential that was eventually tapped. It's not just the processors that were hard to code for (which is false in the case of the PS1), it's the whole combo of hardware; CD plus powerful CPU +Memory Cards; DVD +EE +Dualshock 2; Blu-ray +Cell +HDD +Sixaxis.

ShAkKa4488d ago

posting that comment just show how ignorant a person can be. i won`t even botter on comment how good he and his creations (playtatons) have been for the gaming industry.

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TriggerHappy4488d ago

answered your own question. Knowing the right people in the industry and the reliability of your brand is what sells. Father of playstaion, i dont care how Sony got where they are now, all i know is he helped them get there and for that he deserves mad props

Maddens Raiders4488d ago

-- "Ken Kutaragi might be the father of the PlayStation, but to me he was the father of a thousand ill-advised late nights, nearly-missed assignment deadlines and supposedly ‘wasted’ time. Would I take any of them back? Not for a second, and for that Three Speech salutes you Kutaragi-san." Me too. Thanks KK you crazy S.O.B. =]

Black Republican4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Congrats to him and all he has done.
but one of the reason he left is because the PS3 is having poor success.
The main reason he left is because the PS3 is failing, do you guys really believe he would have retired and gone to another position if the PS3 was meeting their goals and expectations. The answer to that is no.
He knows that the ps3 is the beginning of the end for the name playstation.

Tut4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Ahhhh... I was waiting for a "but". It is sad that some people can't appreciate things for what they are, and they have to turn it into something else to get any satisfaction.

The mouth speaks what the heart is full of though. ~

GG Ken. I always liked you.

Firewire4488d ago

"The mouth speaks what the heart is full of though ~"

Its incredible that these young adolescent xbots are so
uneducated in gaming lore! They think MS invented video games,
that Nintendo is just a kiddie game developer & that Sony is a wanna be!
To bad they will never learn the truth as they are manipulated like
puppets by MS.

Foolish xbots!

Black Republican4488d ago

i do appreciate it their buddy
i appreciate he has done alot for the gaming industry-good for him
but he is alos smart and he knows that the ps3 is not going to do that well when all is said and done
so that is why he left because he is smart
good for him

Black Republican4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

go play with your teddy bear you adolescent.

techie4488d ago

"he is alos smart and he knows that the ps3 is not going to do that well"

That's bull. He has high hopes for the PS3 still with his network cell. You have no idea how well the ps3 will do. How well do expect a $600 console with hardly any games is going to sell. Ken knew it wouldnt...that's why you have to wait for the big guns to come out. Ken was pushed aside a long time ago, he doens't want to be in charge of everything...he's an engineer. He designs consoles, he doesn't have that job until the ps4. He's done his job for the ps3, so him leaving has nothing to do with the ps3 any longer.

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