Flatout: Ultimate Carnage demo details

After speaking to Flatout; Ultimate Carnage producer Danny Rawles, Pro-G learned that the Xbox LIVE Marketplace demo of the game will be available by the end of this month.

"I can confirm the demo will be out before the game launches," explained Rawles, who also suggested that while the downloadable sample's contents have yet to be confirmed, they are likely to include a selection of most elements of the game.

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gta_cb4486d ago

this game looks cool, cant wait to try it out =)

IQUITN4G4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Yawn.Apart from the visual upgade , there isn't much of a point to playing this again if you have already played it on Xbox1.Fair game mind but not incredible and certainly not as good as Motostorm.I'm not being forced to buy it so i can hardly complain of course.

Whatever happened to the Physics engine we saw demonstrated in that crash demo - Full auto creators .That game definitely did not feature comparable crash physics and nobody has ever touched upon why.Anybody know?.Talking about physics , Flatout2's are fairly reasonable until you crash and it's then that things look very false and laughable.Crazy when you think that Flatout runs these physics on old gen so there really should be a significant advance to how real they look on a monster machine such as 360 and PS3.Even the first Destruction Derby on PS1 had good physics so 2 generation on , our jaws need to be dropping at the realness of it all.I don't get it frankly as in terms of power now , we have way more than we need to pull this off convincingly.