Dead Head Fred Interview

Imagine that you're a successful private detective in a large town: you've got your pick of prime jobs to take on, and you've always been able to solve the cases that you've been given. Unfortunately, you've also made a number of serious enemies, ranging from the smallest criminal to the most powerful mob boss, and they can't wait to make sure that you stay out of their way -- permanently. So one night, as you're tracking a thug, you're captured and killed to keep you out of a mobster's business. Fortunately, you're somehow brought back to life, but with a surprising twist: you're somehow missing your head. In its place is your brain floating in a jar. Not only are you angry at being murdered, you're looking for your missing head.
Welcome to the strange and twisted world of Dead Head Fred, the upcoming action game from Vicious Cycle and D3 Publisher of America. Set in the newly coined "Twisted Noir" genre, Dead Head Fred mixes fast paced fights with a heavy dose of environmental puzzles and a twist of the supernatural to make one of the most unique games to grace a UMD.

IGN interviews the developers of this screwball adventure.

All new screens and video inside.

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