First ingame video footage of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

First ingame footage of FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, showing Midwest Ranch 3

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InMyOpinion5282d ago

Holy hell! It looks amazing. And it's probably at a pretty early stage, considering the grass textures clip through the car. The water, lighting, damage, road all looks spot on.

Scrooge5282d ago

How do I watch it? If only I spoke German it might be more obvious.

Tommie5282d ago

Why does everybody think DUTCH is actually GERMAN. If you would just think for 1 second the website is .nl which means NETHERLANDS. .de is GERMAN.

To play the video just click on the screens with the text on it, it'll start with a commercial after that you'll get the actual video.

Scrooge5282d ago (Edited 5282d ago )

Thanks. And does it really make you that mad that people confuse Dutch for German? Im totally unfamiliar with both of those languages.

Tommie5282d ago

We hate Germans, at least I do. Holland FTW :P